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25 Small But Interesting Details From 'Spider-Man: Homecoming'

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Spider-Man: Homecoming was Marvel Studios' and Columbia Pictures' first collaboration in the greater Marvel Cinematic Universe and it does some heavy, heavy lifting. While other MCU films have focused primarily on their title character's grand adventure and heroic journey, Homecoming also does that, but more so it enriches the world with details about how exactly The Avengers and the events surrounding them have shaped and altered everyday life.

From The Vulture's origin being retold as a literal salvager with Chitauri technology, to details like The Triskelion clean up efforts following the events of The Winter Soldier, to Bruce Banner being a scientist that is taught about in high school, Spider-Man: Homecoming is filled with details that most people miss on their first and even second viewings. 

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    When Peter interrogates Aaron Davis, the license plate on Davis' car is a reference to Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #01 which is Miles Morales' introduction as Spider-Man.

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    When Peter Parker signs notes, he doesn’t give himself enough room to write “Spider-Man,” causing him to add the hyphen.

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    Spidey jumps over a car while chasing the Vulture goons with a license plate of ASM-267. The Amazing Spider-Man #267 comic tells the story of Spider-Man in suburbia, which served as inspiration for this chase.

    From Redditor /u/cetejada10

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    The Audi R8 became the personal vehicle for Tony Stark throughout six films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In 'Spider-Man: Homecoming,' he drives an Audi R8 "Spyder" model.

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