The Best Quotes From 'Spider-Man: Homecoming'

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Movie fans everywhere have come together to vote on this list of the most memorable quotes from Spider-Man: Homecoming. This blockbuster hit, released in 2017, was a fresh take on the beloved superhero franchise and introduced us to Tom Holland's charming portrayal of Peter Parker.

From witty one-liners to heartfelt moments, this film had it all. But what makes these quotes so special? They capture the essence of what it means to be Spider-Man - a hero who is not defined by his powers but by his heart.

The quotes on this list range from humorous quips like "I'm not a girl, I'm a boy...I mean, I'm a man" to poignant lines such as "If you're nothing without this suit, then you shouldn't have it." Each quote showcases the unique voice that director Jon Watts brought to the film and highlights why Spider-Man has remained an enduring character for generations.

Whether you're a die-hard fan or just looking for some inspiration, these quotes are sure to leave an impact. So grab your web-slinging gear and get ready to vote up your favorites on this list.

  • Nothing Without the Suit
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    Nothing Without the Suit

    Tony Stark/Iron Man: What if somebody had died? 
    Peter Parker/Spider-Man: I was just trying to be like you.
    Tony Stark/Iron Man: I wanted you to be better. I’m going to need the suit back.
    Peter Parker/Spider-Man: But I’m nothing without this suit!
    Tony Stark/Iron Man: If you’re nothing without this suit, then you shouldn’t have it.

    After getting into some trouble, Peter Parker gets a few choice words from Tony Stark. Peter thinks the suit makes him complete, but as Tony mentions in these Spider-Man: Homecoming movie quotes, if he feels that way, the suit isn't for him.

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  • We're Not There Yet
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    We're Not There Yet

    Peter Parker/Spider-Man: I can keep that suit?
    Tony Stark/Iron Man: Yeah, it doesn’t fit me.
    Peter Parker/Spider-Man: When’s our next retreat?
    Tony Stark/Iron Man: What, next mission? We’ll call you, all right? That’s not a hug. I’m just grabbing the door for you. We’re not there yet. All right, kid, good luck out there.

    After a brief adventure with the Avengers, Peter is feeling like part of the crew, especially as he has a new suit. But as Tony makes clear in these Spider-Man: Homecoming movie quotes, he's simply not there yet.

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  • I Screwed Up
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    I Screwed Up

    Peter Parker/Spider-Man: I screwed up.
    Aunt May: You need to stop carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders.

    After his dangerous failure on a large boat, Peter discusses his regret with his aunt May. She tries to bring him back down to earth, but that's hard when he's a legit superhero.

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  • Stay Close to the Ground
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    Stay Close to the Ground

    Peter Parker/Spider-Man: So, to become an Avenger, are there like trials or an interview?
    Tony Stark/Iron Man: Do me a favor, can’t you just be a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man? Just stay close to the ground.

    Now that he's had a taste of the Avengers, Peter Parker is eager to do a whole lot more. But as Tony Stark explains in these Spider-Man: Homecoming movie quotes, maybe he should just settle down for a bit.

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  • That is Awesome
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    That is Awesome

    Peter Parker/Spider-Man: Finally, here we go.
    Karen: Good evening, Peter.
    Peter Parker/Spider-Man: Whoa!
    Karen: You have 576 possible web shooter combinations.
    Peter Parker/Spider-Man: That is awesome.

    Peter gets another taste of what his Spider-Man suit can do in a conversation with the suit's AI, Karen. Unfortunately, the scene in these Spider-Man: Homecoming movie quotes also give Peter a bit of an ego.

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  • The Spider-Man from YouTube
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    The Spider-Man from YouTube

    Ned: You’re the Spider-Man from YouTube.
    Ned: Can you summon an army of spiders?
    Peter Parker/Spider-Man: No, Ned, no
    Ned: Do you know him too?
    Peter Parker/Spider-Man: I stole his shield.
    Ned: Can I try the suit on? ... Badass

    Peter is in an awkward situation when Ned catches him crawling on the ceiling in his Spider-Man suit. Like the best solution in most situations, Peter allows Ned to try on the suit to keep him quiet.

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