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10 Ways Captain America: Civil War Nails Spider-Man

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Call out "underoos!" for these reasons Spider-Man is the best part of Captain America: Civil War. By now you’ve either already seen the movie, or you’re at least aware that Spider-Man is in the Civil War. He was teased in the final trailer, but no one expected him to play the role that he did. Audiences would have been fine with a simple Spider-Man cameo in Captain America: Civil War, so getting a fleshed out yet simple sub-plot with the wall crawler was a real treat.

Spider-Man fans have been pining for a good Spidey move for over a decade (the last good Spider-Man movie came out in 2004) and Civil War finally delivered on that promise. Whether it was because no one expected a Captain America movie to totally nail a characterization of Spider-Man, or Marvel just knows how to write the character they’ve been producing since 1962, Spider-Man’s part in this film went above and beyond expectations.

It’s no secret (especially if you read that first paragraph) that you’re going to see Spider-Man in Civil War, so if you’re looking for a spoiler-free list of reasons as to why Spider-Man shines in the new Captain America movie, this is not it. Audiences have been clamoring for a new, better, Spider-Man since Tobey Maguire started dancing with an emo swoop, and Andrew Garfield did whatever he did in the last two Sony movies. And Marvel finally delivered when they placed Peter Parker in the middle of the clash between Cap and Iron Man.

  • The New Spider-Man Is Actually Fun

    The New Spider-Man Is Actually is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list 10 Ways Captain America: Civil War Nails Spider-Man
    Photo: Disney
    In the last few Spider-Man movies, fans had to deal with Peter Parker going dark and being moody most of the time. Who wants to see a bummed out Spider-Man? The Spider-Man of Civil War is a throwback to the happy go-lucky even when he's down on his luck webhead that we all fell in love with as kids. 
  • Civil War Knows You Know Spidey's Origin

    Civil War Knows You Know Spide is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list 10 Ways Captain America: Civil War Nails Spider-Man
    Photo: Sony
    Instead of making audiences suffer through a third re-telling of Uncle Ben's death, the filmmakers let Tony Stark clear a path to Spider-Man: Homecoming (the 2018 solo movie starring Tom Holland) while giving newcomers/people who live under a rock all the information they need. 
  • That Suit Doe

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    Photo: Disney
    For the most part, past iterations of the Spider-Man costume have stuck to the classic look of the outfit (except for The Amazing Spider-Man). That's true this time as well, with the mask's eyes looking more like a retro Steve Ditko design than ever before. The new Spidey suit immediately lets the audience know that they're getting a taste of the Spider-Man of yore, but it's also augmented with high-tech Tony Stark flourishes that somehow acknowledge the past while powering through to the future. To go back to the eyes, they telescopically narrow and dilate to express emotion just like in a comic book.
  • Spider-Man Will Return

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    Photo: Disney

    True Story: Some uber-nerds have complained about the post-credits scene that teasing Spider-Man: Homecoming. One guy even said that the scene "wasn't deserving of post credits status." Here's why they're wrong:

    Seeing Spider-Man in this teaser scene is exactly like seeing Nick Fury in the first Iron Man post-credits stinger. He's someone who makes the audience want to dive deeper into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, while alleviating fears of not knowing what's going on. As cool as Black Panther,  Doctor Strange, and the Guardians of the Galaxy may be, they weren't/aren't known quantities to the mainstream before showing up in movies. People didn't know Star-Lord. But they know Spider-Man, and that means that Marvel Phase 3 is going to be a-okay.
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