Total Nerd Watch The First Trailer For The Animaed Miles Morales Spider-Man Movie  

Mick Jacobs

Finally, a Spider-Man movie about someone other than Peter Parker. In the trailer below for Spider-Man: Enter the Spider Verse, audiences for the first time get to meet an big-screen version of Miles Morales, a Spider-Man from Marvel's Ultimate universe.

Morales, voiced by up-and-comer Shameik Moore, gets his powers the same way the original Spider-Man gets his, but Morales faces different challenges than those of his predecessor. For one thing, Morales's father holds a deep distrust of superheroes.

In addition to challenges faced at home, Morales also happens to reside in a city much more Gotham-esque in appearance, with shadowy buildings solely illuminated by harsh neon lights.

What do you think of this exciting revamp of the Spider-Man film franchise? Watch the trailer below to form your own opinion.