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Ranking Every Live-Action Spider-Man Costume

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Spider-Man has been slinging webs since the '60s, and in 1977 Peter Parker was brought to life by Nicholas Hammond in the television series The Amazing Spider-Man. Since then, the comic book hero has graced the silver screen in several more live-action adaptations, starting with 2002's Spider-Man. Peter Parker dons a different spidey-suit in every film while he swings through the city of New York - and as of 2019, Europe as well. 

Regardless of the quality of the adaptation, and regardless of the narrative or who you think makes the best Spider-Man, all the Spider-Man suits in the movies have their perks. Whether it's adjustable eyes, iron legs, flexibility, breathability, or a sweatshirt meant to help restore Parker's confidence in himself, each costume has a purpose. 

Each suit has its own look befitting the slender hero. From Tobey McGuire's classic red-and-blue spandex to Tom Holland's black-and-black Night Monkey, here are all 11 Spider-Man movie suits, ready for ranking.