WATCH Definitive Proof That Every Single Spider-Man Movie Is Exactly The Same  

Tucker DeSaulnier

No matter how else the world might change, a new Spider-Man splats webbing all over your local multiplex every few years like clockwork. Yeah, a trio of actors have played Spider-Men, brawling a whole mess of superpowered bad guys and going through three different Aunt Mays, but some things stay the same regardless of how many reboots the old wall-crawler endures.

Whether it's Sam Raimi's Spider-Man, Marc Webb's Amazing Spider-Man, or even Jon Watts's Spider-Man: Homecoming, there are just things these movies can't seem to avoid. To be fair, Homecoming puts some radioactive muscle into bucking the trends, but even that one finds Aunt May continuing to grow younger like a beautiful, gender-swapped Benjamin Button.

May's beloved late beau Ben is also pretty consistent across these movies. If you're watching a spider-movie, odds are you're going to see Uncle Ben kick the bucket, even if it's only in a flashback. It's the foundational tragedy of Peter Parker's superhero career, yes, but how many times can that wise old fellow die onscreen?

Tear off your mask at a dramatically convenient moment and start watching the video of trusty Spider-Man tropes below. It'll get your spider sense tingling.