19 Thoughts About 'Spider-Man: No Way Home' & The Spider-Verse That We Can't Stop Thinking About

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Warning: Spoilers

Thanks to the multiverse, Spider-Man: No Way Home has got fans speculating about the state of the Spider-verse. Marvel fans from all over the globe after setting social media on fire with their hot takes and theories about the future of the webslinger and his cronies. Here are a few interensting opinions that made us do a double take. Vote up your favorite theories. 


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    Small Detail About Miles' Universe


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    'The Key To The Whole Movie'

    From Redditor u/TheMediocreCritic:

    TL;DR: Peter losing a loved one is an absolute point in the timeline; it cannot be changed. Strange cannot take the cube containing the spell from Peter because Peter’s possession of the box leads to Aunt May's death. This point is unchangeable in the timeline. Her death motivates Peter to fully accept his responsibilities as Spider-man, which makes him Spider-man. Likewise, Dr. Strange’s “visitor” in the Multiverse of Madness teaser is also because of an absolute point.

    An absolute point in a timeline is an unchangeable moment or event that cannot be changed because of its importance to that timeline.

    The Theory

    There is a weird moment in Spider-man: No way home that no one is talking about. In a scene, Peter decides that he wants to save the villains instead of sending them to their respective dooms, but Strange disagrees. He wants to send them back using the button on the cube containing the spell. Spidey steals the cube, but Strange knocks Peter out of his physical body into his astral form. But in a twist, Peter’s physical body can still keep the cube away from strange even when peters soul is suspended in the air. Strange remark that spidey “ shouldn't be able to do that.” The crowd laughs, and this is a throwaway scene in the grand scheme. But what if this is way more important than we realize?

    So what's going on here

    I've seen some breakdowns where they say that Parker’s Spidey-sense lets him control himself in Astral form, but there is more going on here. This is an Absolute point in Peter Parker and Dr. Strange's timeline.

    We were first introduced to the concept of absolute points in Dr. Strange’s "What if …" episode. Dr. strange loses His love in a car accident and goes back in time to try to change this moment. But no matter what he does, Palmer always ends up dying. The Ancient one states later in the episode.

    ”Palmer's death was unchangeable, an absolute point; without it, Doctor Strange would never have joined the Masters of the Mystic Arts and eventually rise to defeat Dormammu.”

    Without this point in time, Dr. Strange never becomes a Sorcerer. Likewise, In No way home, if Strange is able to get the box back in that scene with the astral disconnection, Peter Parker will never lose his Aunt May and become the Spider-man he was always meant to be.

    “In the grand calculus of the multiverse, their sacrifice means infinity more than their lives” - Strange to Peter

    This quote could be easily applied to Aunt May’s death, and her sacrifice is what turns Peter into the man he is destined to be. It is an Absolute point in his life. This is why Strange cannot take the box from Peter even though he is more Skilled, better trained, and able to separate Peter from his soul.

    Why it works

    The loss of aunt May is the moment he truly becomes Spider-man. This is the moment that all the Spider-men share. They all lose their moral compass, hear the iconic line and finally take on the full responsibilities. They are changed from Spider-powered teenagers to mature hero who knows the full cost of being a hero. It is the quintessential Spider-man moment.

    So that moment with the cube is not a small gag but instead a starting point of Peter becoming who he was always destined to be.

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    'The Spell Doesn't Affect Time'

    'The Spell Doesn't Affect Time'
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    What Universe Is Morbius In?

    What Universe Is Morbius In?
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    Three Movies

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    'The Plan'