The Actors Behind The Most Infamous 'Spider-Man' Villains Share Their Thoughts On Playing A Bad Guy

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With three different franchises featuring Marvel's favorite web-slinger and one Oscar-winning animated effort, Spider-Man has spent the better part of the last 20 years racking up one heck of a rogue's gallery. With dozens of talented actors stepping into the iconic villain roles, it's no wonder that many of the bad guys in Spider-Man movies are often the best part.

Sharing their insight and experience are a few talented folks who decided to try to take on Peter Parker and won (at least in the hearts of audiences).

  • 1. Willem Dafoe Really, Really, Really Wanted The Role Of The Green Goblin

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  • 2. Alfred Molina Believes There's A Depth To Marvel Villains

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  • 3. Willem Dafoe Was Lured Back Thanks To The Pitch

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  • 4. Alfred Molina Isn't Afraid To Tell The Truth

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  • 5. Everyone Is In Agreement About The Costumes

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  • 6. Jamie Foxx Explains Why He's Excited To Return As Electro

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