Spider-Man Villain Fan Theories That Actually Make A Ton Of Sense

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Spider-Man is easily one of the most popular characters in comics. He's been around since the early '60s and has since gone on to star in live-action television shows, films, animated series, comic books, video games, and pretty much everything else. He's also the superhero with some of the best villains around, and when you have a character who's been around for as long as Spider-Man, his rogues' gallery is going to be the subject of many fans' attention. In fact, there are tons of fans who put together interesting theories about Spider-Man's greatest villains.

Every so often, fans will take their theory to the FanTheories subreddit to share their thoughts and ideas about Spider-Man's rogues. Some Spider-Man fan theories are lighthearted, while others can be dark, but a lot of them actually make sense, and the best of them have been compiled here.


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    Venom Remembers Dying At Spider-Man's Hands Thanks To His Hive Mind

    From Redditor u/eldritchBat:

    So in Venom: Let There Be Carnage's post-credits scene, Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock and Venom are brought to the MCU. However, just before this, Venom tells Eddie that symbiotes have a hive mind that spans “universes.”

    The reason why Venom reacts so viscerally to seeing Peter Parker/Spider-Man on TV? Just like the Spider-Man: No Way Home villains: Venom remembers Spider-Man killing him. That’s why he goes “ohhhhh…that guy” and licks the screen.

    Venom was caught off guard. He has a hive mind that spans universes. He remembers being venom before. He remembers a different Eddie Brock. He remembers Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man using a Goblin bomb to destroy him.

    That’s why he was angry. It ties into No Way Home. This Venom remembers Spider-Man killing him, and he remembers Spider-Man’s real name is Peter Parker. It isn’t the face he recognized but the name(s). And it pissed. Him. Off.

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    The Bad Guys In 'No Way Home' Aren't Irredeemable

    The Bad Guys In 'No Way Home' Aren't Irredeemable
    Photo: Spider-Man: No Way Home / Sony Pictures Releasing

    From Redditor u/TheMediocreCritic:

    Speculation: Spider-Man has fantastic villains. The reason that they are great is that they are (mostly) relatable. They are often people motivated by loss, pain, and circumstances beyond their control. 

    • Dr. Ock caused an accident that killed his wife; the now sentient arms controlled him. Making him a murderer
    • Sandman just wanted to see his family and had an accident turning him into sand.
    • The lizard was trying to protect innocent people by taking the serum himself.
    • Electro was in a terrible accident and is made a villain on public T.V by his hero.

    None of these people are bad people, just people at the wrong time in their life. This is what Peter will see. These are all people that need help before they commit their greatest crimes.

    The Save-able Six: So.. in the new trailer, we see that Spidey and Dr. Strange have captured Dr.Octopus. Dr. Strange tells Peter that these villains are fated to be killed by Spider-Man. He also tells Peter what they will do in the future in their universes. Peter decides to save them by ensuring they do not follow through with the crimes they can't come back from. He stands up for them, and he is in his current predicament, as a man on trial for murder, understands them. 

    Uncle Otto?: Dr. Octopus is the primary catalyst for change, once removed from his own universe, has a moment of clarity. He realizes that the Peter Parkers of the world are just teenagers with good intentions. Dr. Strange deactivates the arms, and their control over him is lost. Otto is himself again. Peter connects with Dr. Oct when he is imprisoned. Dr. Oct again becomes a mentor, but this time to our Peter Parker. Ironically, Dr. Octopus could be our universes, Uncle Ben.

    Too far gone: But I think that one villain can not be saved; the film still needs an Antagonist after all. The Green Goblin has been a staple in the Spider-Man films as a damn near-perfect Villain to Peter. Norman Osborne is too far gone, and his literal first act as the Green Gobin is killing a lab assistant.

    The transformation into the Green Goblin is not a tragedy, accident, or sacrifice but an attempt to land a military contract. He was motivated by greed and power, and he was not a victim of his experiments but a consequence.

    Why it works: The Spider-Man villains, except for the Green Goblin, are not bad guys, just people doing bad things and corrupted by forces outside of their control. This would show the compassion of our web-slinger and his ability to see other people's perspectives—a trait of a true Hero.

    The movie could tie in the theme that we all need a second chance, just like our Peter Parker. Parker could send these villains back to their universes changed and change those universes. Maybe in those worlds, Maguire and Garfield’s Spider-men have their happily ever afters. Perhaps this makes Holland’s Spider-Man the ultimate Spider-Man?

    TL;DR: The villains in Spider-Man: No way Home were pulled from their universes at the moment before they became unredeemable. After talking to Dr. Octopus, Peter realizes that all these “villains” can be saved before committing their most terrible crimes. All except the Green Goblin, he is too far gone. This is why Peter wants to take the box from Dr. Strange. He is trying to give them a second chance.

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    The First Sony Movie Crossover Will Put Venom Up Against Morbius

    The First Sony Movie Crossover Will Put Venom Up Against Morbius
    Photo: Morbius / Sony Pictures Releasing

    From Redditor u/ecchi83:

    If the Morbius movie is well-received, then Venom v Morbius is going to be the first crossover of Sony characters. The two characters fill in the same niche in this universe so it would be extremely easy to write a story where they are forced into confrontation before eventually siding together (like Batman v Superman).

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    Electro Doesn't Die At The End Of 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' And Was Instead Overpowered... Literally

    From Redditor u/Livid_Poem8446:

    There are many theories on why it's yellow instead of blue like The Amazing Spider-Man 2, but I'm here to present my theory about Electro's lightning.

    So at the end of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Spider-Man and Gwen Stacey had a plan and that plan was to overload Electro with a lot of electricity so he will collapse. And to do that Spider-Man says Gwen to open the power on his call.

    Now Spider-Man creates a connection with a damaged power grid with his webs while fighting with Electro. Spider-Man says Gwen to open the power when he was lined up with the power traps him and sprays Electro with yellow lightning and then gets overloaded by it and he disappears from the scene.

    Since electricity can't be destroyed, Electro wouldn't have died, and because the lightning that overloaded him was YELLOW, Electro's lightning is now YELLOW.

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    Doc Ock Didn't Drown At The End Of 'Spider-Man 2'

    From Redditor u/UncleKillmonger:

    In Spider-Man 2 at the very end, Doctor Octopus is redeemed and decides to save New York city by drowning the giant growing sun in the lake beneath them.

    Now of course the sun would kill someone on land if they fell into it but that's not the case, here we're underwater. The sun will get weaker and smaller with each passing second under the water and we never actually see Doctor Octopus die or fall into the sun.

    Saying that he would drown is plausible but I don't think that's the case. Why wouldn't Spider-Man 2 show us Doctor Octopus dying fully, instead we're left with a shot of the arms powering off but the arms weren't Doc Ock's life source.

    So what if Doc Ock held onto the little life he had and swam to shore away from the depowered sun but now his arms were gone so his evil intent was gone and he was just Otto Octavius.

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    The Green Goblin Costume Is Indirectly Inspired By The Skrull

    From Redditor u/BrokenEye3:

    So a while back I noticed that there was a bizarrely close resemblance between the costume worn by Spider-Man archvillain Norman Osborne aka the Green Goblin and the shape-shifting aliens known as the Skrulls. The bright green skin, the pointed ears, and chin, the wide-set, skull-like orange eyes, even the purple cap with a "widow's peak" in the front hem. The resemblance is undeniable, but at the same time impossible. The Skrulls were not known to the people of the earth when Osborne first donned the goblin costume and began his career as a super-criminal, and there's really no reason to suspect he'd have had access to the records of whatever the Marvel Universe's equivalent of MAJESTIC-12 is called. Besides, the only inspiration he ever cited for his persona was... well... goblins.

    But what if he didn't realize the creature he was basing his design on was, in fact, a Skrull? What if at some point in Earth's history there was a minor incident of a Skrull agent who got lost in space and crash-landed in Medieval Europe (because the planet which aliens accidentally stumble upon always seems to be Earth), and before he was rescued, the locals managed to witness him undisguised? This sighting could have either inspired the legend of goblins or been conflated with an existing legend, influencing how goblins' appearances would be portrayed by folklorists and fantasy writers well into modern times. It would have been these portrayals Osborne was thinking of when designing a costume based on what, as far as he knew, was simply a creepy mythological monster.