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Spider Recipes People Really Use To Prepare Tasty Arachnid Meals

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Every culture on the planet has their own unique culinary tastes. What some people consider to be a delicacy will actually be disgusting to others. Perhaps the most striking example of this is when it comes to insects, bugs, and other creepy crawlies - some of which are eaten alive. There are places in the world where the local population will happily munch on edible spiders and have their own unique spider recipes that involve cooking tarantulas in all kinds of unique ways.

Obviously, the appeal of eating spiders depends largely on where a person grows up and how they view the creatures. Many in the Western world have deep fear of spiders that would likely put them off to eating these arachnids, but that is not always the case. Whether it is indigenous tribes in South America or Asian countries that turned to these yummy spiders out of necessity during times when other food was scarce, they have no problem making an arachnid meal. Here's all the ways you can eat spiders - if you dare.

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    Cambodian Fried Tarantulas

    Tarantulas have become a delicacy in Cambodia, where much of the population was forced to eat the spiders during times of mass starvation under oppressive leadership regimes. Street vendors in the city of Skuon prepare and sell the tarantulas to tourists and locals, having bred them in special holes in the ground where they can then easily kill them.

    After death, the spiders are coated in a mixture of herbs and spices, and then fried in a wok for just a short amount of time so the legs become stiff and crispy. Unfortunately, the process does not do anything to stop the abdomen being full of juices and innards that spill out when bitten.

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    Pan-Fried Garlic Tarantulas

    One of the best things about this recipe is that it only involves a few ingredients: garlic cloves, salt, sugar, and cooking oil. And of course, spiders. To prepare the meal, you remove the abdomen and singe the hairs from the rest of the exoskeleton. Chefs can then coat the creature in a salt and sugar mixture before cooking it in a frying pan that contains the cooking oil and crushed garlic.

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    Roasted Goliath Bird-Eaters

    The Piaro tribe in Venezuela don’t just munch down on tarantula eggs - they also are fond of eating the goliath birdeater itself, especially when other food is scarce. Despite the huge size of the spiders - and the fact they can flick their irritating hairs at potential threats - even children take part in the hunting process. Once captured, the tarantula is placed inside a leaf and skewered with a bran so that they can be roasted over a fire. The indigenous tribe make sure they remove the back end of the spider as it contains too many hairs and even create a mixture of chili and salt to dip the meal into to add some extra flavor.

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    Canned Oven Baked Tarantula

    Another country that has a significant number of people who regularly eat tarantulas is Thailand. They consume the zebra tarantulas found in Cambodia, although they cook it in a different way. The oven-baked spider can even be bought in cans, with the creepy creature ready to eat as soon as the tin is opened up. Serving suggestions include dipping the dehydrated tarantula in Thai chili sauce to add some extra sweetness to counteract the natural bitterness of the meal.