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'Spider-Man: Homecoming' Comebacks Sharper Than The Old Web Shooter

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Spider-Man: Homecoming introduced us to the long-awaited origin story of Peter Parker. Okay, so we'd seen it once (no, twice) before, but this was the first MCU Spider-Man. We finally got to see him team up with the Avengers, and thankfully we didn't have to see Uncle Ben die. Tom Holland's portrayal of the iconic superhero is charming and awkward, and everything we could've hoped for in a Spidey. The film also focuses on Parker's high school life, which like for most teenagers, is just plain embarrassing. The dialogue is dripping with teen angst and some really hilarious moments. These are the best comebacks in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Get your spidey senses tingling. 

  • 1. Yeah, I'm Not Really A Hugger

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  • 2. Never Turn Down A Free Churro

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  • 3. How She Doin?

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  • 4. Dude?!

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