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18 Easter Eggs And References You Missed From 'Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse'

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In the hunt for Marvel Easter eggs, there's no movie more ripe for in-jokes and references than Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. The animated film from producers Chris Lord and Phil Miller is overflowing with ideas that comic book fans have been waiting for - the feature-film debut of Miles Morales! Seven different Spider-People! Parallel universes! - and that commitment to fan service extends to the many hidden details in Into the Spider-Verse.

From the gut-punch of an ending in Avengers: Infinity War to a starring role in the PS4 Spider-Man game, 2018 was a significant year for Peter Parker, and Into the Spider-Verse gives Marvel a chance to shine some light on its many other arachnid heroes. Miles Morales takes center stage, with support from Spider-Gwen, Spider-Man Noir, Peni Parker and SP//dr, and the Spectacular Spider-Ham, to save not just his Earth, but every Earth in the multiverse.

While the heroes save the day, the filmmakers took time to sneak in a ton of references and Easter eggs that make Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse worthy of a rewatch.

  • 5. There Isn't Just One Stan Lee Cameo

    While he only has one vocal cameo, animation allowed the filmmakers behind Into the Spider-Verse to continue paying tribute to the late Stan Lee throughout the movie. Lee pops up in the background a ton, from shots of subway crowds to bystanders on the sidewalk.

    Co-director Bob Persichetti told Collider, "If you just pause, he’s in a lot of them. That guy is all over New York. He’s a busy man."

    Animator Nick Kondo revealed one of Lee's more notable cameo's toward the end of the film when Miles is swinging between train cars. Lee can be spotted in the window of one of the cars making the "thwip" gesture as Miles runs by. 

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  • 6. A Recognizable Community College Student Makes A Cameo

    Early in the film, Mile visits his uncle, Aaron. In Aaron’s apartment, there’s a TV in the background playing a clip from Community. Specifically, it’s from the episode “Anthropology 101,” which shows Donald Glover dressed in Spider-Man pajamas.

    Glover actually played Aaron Davis in Spider-Man: Homecoming and voiced Mile Morales in the Ultimate Spider-Man animated series.

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  • 7. Miles's Dad Has Some Throwback Contacts

    If Miles Morales has Ultimate Spider-Man's creators in his phone, it would make sense that his father would be in contact with an older generation of comic book creators. After Miles goes AWOL from his private school, Jefferson Davis reaches out to his brother for any word on his son's location.

    While scrolling through his contacts, Jefferson breezes past Steve Ditko, the artist who created Peter Parker with Stan Lee back in 1962.

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  • 8. Seth Rogen And Evan Goldberg Gave The Directors An Absurd Idea For A Fake Movie

    Co-director and co-screenwriter Rodney Rothman called in a favor with his friends Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg to help bring the alternate version of Times Square to life. When asked to come up with an idea for a movie the director-producers might make in a parallel universe, they pitched a fake film called Hold Your Horses that would star Rogen as a jockey.

    The concept was all Rothman needed to design a Hold Your Horses poster that features prominently in the background as the various Spider-People arrive in Miles's version of New York City. 

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