All The Unanswered Questions (And Possible Answers) Left After 'Spider-Man: No Way Home'

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Spider-Man: No Way Home left MCU audiences feeling a lot of things; triumph, melancholy, wonder, awe, admiration. More than anything, however, it left audiences hungry for more - both because of its inherent awesomeness and because of all the unanswered burning questions it left on the table. 

No Way Home’s conclusion left Peter Parker in a very, very different place than he entered the film, and the number one question on everyone’s mind is “What comes next?” Even aside from that, however, there’s plenty to question and guess about the events that have already transpired, too. In fact, the two tracks of thought might be connected, because revelations about Spider-Man’s past are almost certainly going to continue to impact his future.


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    What Connection Do Happy Hogan And Others Remember Between May Parker And Spider-Man?

    The No Way Home scene in which Peter Parker and Happy Hogan share words at May Parker’s gravestone is fraught with tragedy and loss, but even it raises some persnickety questions about the wallcrawler’s identity erasure. Happy informs Peter that he knew May “through Spider-Man,” but that implies that the world at large remembers a connection between May and Spider-Man. What would that connection be?

    May and Spider-Man did make several charitable appearances together through the F.E.A.S.T. program, and it could be as simple as that. But that would lead to questions about how the two knew one another, and those questions would only intensify in the wake of May’s murder at the hands of the Green Goblin. 

    Does Happy remember May ever having a nephew? Are there adoption records? Does the world think that May lost a nephew at the same time her own life was claimed? Or does Happy just remember May as a single, child-free lady who just so happened to be friendly with a superhero because of her strong presence in the philanthropic community? Both options are kind of weird.

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    What Happened To The Cured Supervillains After Returning To Their Home Universes?

    One of the maddening things about Spider-Man: No Way Home is that, even though it’s the longest Spider-Man movie yet, it still left so many dangling story threads on the table - and the knowledge that some of them will never be picked up again.

    At the film’s conclusion, the three Spider-Men and Doctor Strange teamed up to cure the Sinister Five and send them back to their native universes. The stories of what happened next in those universes will likely never be told, but that won’t stop fans from wondering.

    Did the villains retain knowledge of their time in the mainstream MCU? Just having knowledge of the existence of a multiverse would change the game for several of them just as much as their cures already have.

    Did their returns branch off into five brand-new, distinct timelines? That’s presumably the case, but then what happened in each of those timelines?

    What happens in a world where Peter Parker is suddenly joined by a sane Norman Osborn? Do the two become a team? Or a world in which Dr. Otto Octavius is free from madness and able to provide the planet with sustainable energy? Does he become the Tony Stark of his universe?

    The possibilities are truly endless, and definitely worthy of a What If…? series all their own.

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    Did Doctor Octopus Smuggle That Arc Reactor Back To The Raimi-Verse When He Left?

    Dr. Otto Octavius has his big hero turn at the climax of No Way Home, stepping in between Electro and the three wall-crawlers to save the day. As part of his heroics, Doc Ock strips Max Dillon of his arc reactor and then holds it lovingly in his tentacle, reminiscing about having the “power of the sun” in the palm of his hand.

    And then that’s it. Audiences don’t hear much more from Octavius before he says his farewell to his Spider-Man and then disappears back to his own universe. There’s no further mention of the arc reactor, and there’s certainly not a scene in which he gives it back - so is it possible that he smuggles the arc reactor back to the “Raimi-Verse”?

    Such an act would obviously have far-reaching implications. Thankfully, this is a sane Doctor Octopus, so worries about him using Stark technology for evil can probably be laid aside. Instead, it’s now more likely that he’d use the arc reactor to bring clean, affordable energy to his homeworld at a bare minimum - and maybe even to become a genuine superhero in his own right. Perhaps a… superior sort of superhero, at that.

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    Will Venom Go Looking For A Spider-Man In His Home Universe? And Who Would It Be?

    The real winner of Spider-Man: No Way Home is undoubtedly Eddie Brock. While everyone else is experiencing trauma and heartbreak, he’s hanging out with Venom in a Mexican resort getting drunk. At the end of it all, he fades back to his home universe like all the other villains - but he returns there with clear-cut knowledge of the existence of Spider-Man, and a spoken desire to track the wall-crawler down in New York.

    Whether the story is told in Venom 3 or some other film, it seems clear that Brock’s next step will be to head to his own Big Apple and see if he can spot a web-slinger there. If he does find a Spider-Man there in his native universe, a brawl between them is straight-up inevitable. But who might that Spider-Person be?

    Some fans have been loud in their calls for Andrew Garfield to get another shot at portraying Peter Parker, particularly after his own threequel, The Amazing Spider-Man 3, was canceled. Could Garfield’s take on the character show up in the Venom-verse and make everyone happy? The table is certainly set for it.

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    Was There Ever An Uncle Ben?

    It is Aunt May, not Uncle Ben, who gets to drop the infamous “With great power comes great responsibility” line in Spider-Man: No Way Home, moments before her demise - and damned if she doesn’t make it hit home harder than ever. But those fans still holding out hope for some mention of Ben are left empty-handed and wondering if there ever was an Uncle Ben in this universe to begin with.

    To be certain, there are a few tantalizing hints of Ben’s existence. A tattered, old prom suit. A suitcase with the initials “BFP.” Vague mentions of “everything that’s happened” to May. But there’s nothing concrete, and May isn’t buried next to anyone at all, which might suggest that she was never married. If there was a Ben, perhaps he wasn’t around for long enough to make that much of an impact on either her or Peter.

    But even that causes issues if one is loyal to comic book canon. In the annals of Marvel Comics, May’s maiden name is Reilly, and it’s Ben who has the direct blood connection to Peter as his father’s brother. Did the MCU May marry Ben Parker, lose him at some point or another, and keep his name? Or is she Richard Parker’s sister in this telling of the tale? Does it even matter anymore?

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    Does The Spell Affect People Who Were Not On Earth At The Time It Was Cast? Do Nick Fury, Captain Marvel, And Other Spacebound Folks Remember Peter Parker?

    All of the action in Spider-Man: No Way Home is centered around the planet Earth. All the inter-dimensional supervillains and Spider-Men come from alternate Earths, and even more attempt to pour through the cracks in reality to arrive at - and wipe out - the MCU’s mainstream Earth. That raises an interesting question, then, about just how far-reaching Doctor Strange’s spell needed to be, and whether it extends beyond the planet itself.

    The simplest answer is that Strange’s spell did exactly what he said it would, and that everyone now forgets about Peter Parker’s existence, regardless of whether they were on Earth at the time of the spell or not. But there’s also reason to think that might not be the case and to hope for Spidey’s salvation from the stars.

    The tears in reality were clearly focused around Earth itself, and the planet is well-established as a magical hub in the pages of Marvel Comics. It wouldn’t be entirely surprising if Strange only had to remove the Spider-Man-related memories of everyone on Earth to undo the damage, and then he’d probably be clever enough to do exactly that, so as to leave Peter with some remaining friends out there in the stars.

    It’s made clear in No Way Home that Nick Fury has been in space for more than a year, and Captain Marvel is somewhere out there, too. The two of them remembering who Peter is would be quite the welcome and unexpected relief for the character. Imagine a scenario in which Spidey is feeling at his most alone in a future film, only to have Carol Danvers show up and say “Hey, Peter Parker.” What a thrill that would be.

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