Weird Nature These Spiders On Drugs Prove That Everything Is Different When Under The Influence  

Rebecca High

What happens when you give drugs to a spider? In an experiment that rivals your most juvenile fantasies, this video explores the fascinating answers to that very question.

Researchers have found that spiders under the influence of types of drugs or hallucinogens react differently and spin their webs in unexpected ways as compared to when they're sober.

The research started in 1948, when a couple of Swedish scientists wanted to know why spiders always seemed to spin their webs between 2 and 5 am. The researchers administered various spiders to drugs including caffeine, LSD, methamphetamines, and others. NASA then replicated the study in 1995.

The results of both studies parallel: spiders' web patterns and life habits definitely changed under the influence. The greater ramifications of the study are that now the toxicity of chemicals could be tested on spiders, saving time, money, and potentially other animals' lives. Watch this video for an intriguing look at spiders on drugs.