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20 Things You Should Never Google - Spider Edition

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You've been warned: this article is going to be nightmare fuel for anyone who is arachnophobic. While it doesn't contain many gross or scary spider pictures, the topics discussed here are enough to make you queasy if you're not fond of the eight-legged critters. There are so many scary things spiders do, not to mention creepy species of spiders. And all that terrifying info is just a quick Google search away.

Of course, not all spiders are bad. They're creepy to many, yes, but spiders are a vital part of the natural world. They cut down on pest populations, weave beautifully artistic webs, and become more fascinating as you study them. That doesn't mean you should go clicking randomly on anything tagged "spider" on the Internet.

Whether you're morbidly curious, brave, or just masochistic, here's a roundup of the spider things you shouldn't Google. If you do, no judgments – but you can't feign ignorance about what you're doing.