14+ Amazing Spin-Off TV Series That Almost Happened

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Do you ever stop to think about TV spin-offs you wish you could see? Don’t be surprised if some of the ideas you've come up with have already been considered by the almighty TV overlords. It's possible they just didn’t have enough momentum to make it on the air. Instead, they were cursed to enter the best unproduced spin-off shows hall of fame.  

When a television series becomes successful, talks of spin-offs are a given. Either the creators are keen on expanding the show’s universe, or the network pushes for a spin-off to capitalize on popularity. Some spin-off series, like Frasier and NCIS, are fantastic. Others, like Joey, fail miserably. But due to the competitive nature of the TV landscape, not all spin-offs make it to the small screen, regardless of how exciting they may sound on paper. Hence, we’re left with a lot of amazing spin-off series that almost happened.