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Breaking Down The Spirit World From The 'Avatar' Universe

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The rich lore and deep mythology of the Avatar series aren’t just about bending the elements in the physical world - what makes everything so much cooler is the fact that everything is somehow connected to the Spirit World as well. The physical world itself has its own undiscovered secrets, but for the Spirit World, we’ve definitely only scratched the surface. While there’s still tons of stuff we don’t know about the other side, we do have a handful of interesting facts we can feast on for now, and here are just some of them.

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    Harmonic Convergence Isn’t Really Very Harmonic

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    Spiritual energy from the Spirit World is amplified during Harmonic Convergence, when planets align once during 10,000 years. The name sounds pretty neat, but this heightened energy strengthens the dark spirit Vaatu too - thankfully, this mishap created the very first Avatar, when the light spirit Raava merged with Wan to create the Avatar Spirit. When Wan was able to trap Vaatu in the Tree of Time, he then closed the spirit portals and kept the physical and Spirit World separate, because not all “harmonic” things are, well, harmonious.

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    Crossing Over Between Realms Is Complicated

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    The Avatar, as the bridge between realms, can cross over from one side to the next, but for others, the process isn’t so simple. Humans who are especially enlightened can certainly cross over through meditation, even when the spirit portals are closed. Also, the Forgetful Valley near Hira’a and the Spirit Oasis in the North Pole act as bridges as well, while the barrier is especially at its weakest during the winter solstice and the summer solstice.

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    The Spirit World Is Not Exactly An Afterlife

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    While a human who stays in the Spirit World too long can die, the Spirit World itself isn’t the afterlife per se. In fact, Iroh apparently traveled to the Spirit World in order to find his son after Lu Ten passed, until he realized it wasn't an afterlife. Thankfully, he returned to the physical world with a renewed mind and purpose.

    Some are able to transcend the mortal realm if they have a strong connection to the Spirit World, and transform into an essence of what they once were. Iroh, who came to reside in the spiritual world due to his strong connection to it, is still the same lovable human we know from The Legend of Aang when we meet him in The Legend of Korra.

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    Gravity Is Not A Thing In The Spirit World

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    Sure, things may look right side up at a glance, but the Spirit World doesn’t exactly operate according to Newton’s law of gravity. For instance, Wan Shi Tong's Library is located in an upside-down tree, but everyone could still walk upright along the hallways without falling. Spirits, eh?

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