15 Times Brats And Bullies Learned A Valuable (And Satisfying) Lesson In Karma

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"What was the most epic comeuppance you've ever seen a spoiled kid get?" - Posted by Redditor u/TeddyBearToons

Over on Reddit, people are sharing stories of when they have witnessed bullies, brats, and spoiled kids receive a full dose of karma for their bad acts. From teasing the wrong animals to picking on others, these bad kids learned life lessons that probably changed their attitudes. Vote up the satisfying tales of instant karma. 

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    'New Personal Bus Cleaner'

    Posted by u/pullin2:

    I was a school bus driver in the '70s. During height of court ordered busing, so I ferried poor kids to the rich side of town, then rich kids the other way. Lots of entitled brats but one stands out. Super entitled kid, constantly defying rules. Eventually I caught him (with too many witnesses) attempting to set a bus seat on fire with his lighter. School officials were called.

    Hearing with officials and rich dad - and he's banned from all buses rest of semester. Dad offers to pay for the damage and quietly accepts the punishment. Then comes the surprise.

    Next morning when I arrive at 6:00 am to clean my bus (regular task every morning), rich kid and dad are standing there. Dad introduces me to my "new personal bus cleaner" for the rest of the year. He brings kid every morning and forces him to wash and clean the floors on my bus before taking him on to his school. By end of year, entitled kid is actually working hard, and being friendly. We're getting along pretty well, and I help him out sometimes so he can get on to school. Kid turns out okay when all is over.

    Good move by his dad.

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    Young Man Learns The Truth About 'Women's Work'

    Posted by u/meinmanhattan:

    On the first day of a two-week vacation, I saw my spoiled 10-year-old cousin tell his mother, his older female cousin, his aunt, and his grandmother that he wasn't going to clear his place or rinse his dishes because "that's women's work."

    For the rest of that two week vacation, nobody had to lift a finger to clear a plate, rinse a dish, or wash a pot because it was his job. At times there were over a dozen of us there.

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    'Why Don't I Call Her Right Now?'

    Posted by u/not_todaysatan:

    I used to work at a pony camp that catered to rich kids from a very nice neighborhood. We would have really spoiled kids all the time. While annoying, the most frustrating part is trying to maintain authority just so the little [tykes] don’t get themselves killed by 1,000-pound animals.

    Anyways, we had a 10-year-old kid from some mildly famous sportscaster one week. Kid was just downright awful. She ignored everything we told her and was mean to the other kids in camp. At one point, she started a physical fight with another girl, and when she felt like she was getting beaten, she started yelling, “Do you know who my mom is? I’m going to tell her!” The other kid got scared and started crying.

    My coworker replied, “Actually, I do know your mom, and I know she wouldn’t like to hear about this. Why don’t I call her right now?”

    Little brat didn’t believe her, so my coworker did. She was much easier to deal with the rest of the week.

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    'Dad Will Take Care Of It'

    Posted by u/sarcasm_hurts:

    Freshman year of college - the guy across the hall from me is a spoiled rich kid from a big southern city. Old money. A couple weeks into the second semester, he and a buddy found a checkbook on the sidewalk. Stupid [jerks] decided to write themselves a check and cash it at the bank that the account is in. The teller immediately called the cops, and they both got arrested.

    We talked the night he got arrested, and he laughed and said his dad would "take care of it" and everything would be fine.

    That weekend we met his dad as they moved everything out of the dorms since he got expelled. Guess Daddy didn't take care of it.

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    Belt Up

    Posted by u/churtothechur:

    I worked as a outdoor camp instructor. One week I was on logistics and had to drive the van to pick up kids. I had heard from my friend that one of the kids in his group was a little [jerk], back chatting, lazy, bullying other kids. When I got to the pick up point, the kids hopped into the van and my mate in shotgun.

    My mate Mitch gave me the rundown of the kid. As I started the van up, I did a visual check of seatbelts and everyone was good, except for the kid. I asked, he said no. I told him I can't leave until he puts it on. So he did, and I started to leave. A minute down the road, I heard him unclip his seat belt again, so I had to stop the van and ask him again. He put it back on. This happened one more time. On the third time, I just pulled over, turned the van off. Radioed base and asked for my manager, and the overseeing teacher who was his dean to come up and pick this kid up because he was a danger to the others in the van.

    That's when this kid started pleading and begging. Told him no. I already made the call. He got sent home. My mate Mitch had one of his best weeks after this kid left.

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    A Christmas Miracle

    Posted by u/tiredoldb*tch:

    I used to work at a women's shelter. Christmas time rolls around, and a man and his sourpuss teenaged son comes to the door. He says his son would like to donate some items to the kids staying at the shelter. Great!

    The man and his son start hauling in some expensive items. There was an Xbox, a bunch of games, a flat screen, iPod, cool head set, etc. Turns out the kid ran his mouth, and the dad made him give everything to the kids. Christmas was pretty cool for our gang that year.

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