Spoiled Brats Complaining About Their Maids on Twitter

Twitter genius @CheeseGod69 often spends time retweeting idiot kids and ass-hats who complain about the minutia involved in having a maid, thus illustrating how stupid, spoiled, and vapid that makes a person sound. (The concept was originally executed by the hliarious @Brendlewhat.) So stemming from that idea from a Twitter genius, here are the greatest examples of completely spoiled rotten children and teens complaining about having to live with another human being whose full-time job it is to clean up their messes.

I mean, I get it. There's not much worse than waking up to find that your $300 jeans have been shrunk in the dryer. As if it's not bad enough that the chauffeur doesn't even bring the Bentley to pick you up from school, when you walk in, there's not a spread of Beluga caviar on toast points waiting for you to gobble down. And where is your freshly pressed Japanese grape juice? Where? The absolute worst, worst part of it all is when you go tattle to your parents, and they take her side. The nerve. I've been plotting my revenge for years.

JK. People who are rude and awful to those who serve them are absolute scumbags, and these kids are well on their ways to being the worst people on the planet. Not only are they so "out of touch" that they all but dehumanize the people who work in their own homes, but they feel the calling to take to the Internet to make their complaints and whines known to their dozens of loyal followers. They're just doing as much as they possibly can to make the world a worse place to live.

The Tweets below are genuine I-can't-make-this-stuff-up douchery from real live jerks who will be old enough to vote someday. Let this be a lesson to parents: Don't raise your kids to be schmucks.

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    so this dumb maid of mine hasn't given me snack yet. should i kill her or what?

    — вєℓιєνє∞ (@ASwiftStory) July 2, 2012
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