15 Signs That A Child Is Overly Spoiled

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Parenting isn't easy. It can even be super embarrassing. But when it's done right, the act of being a parent is super rewarding. Unfortunately, there's plenty of room for mistakes. If you're worried you've made some, check out these stories about spoiled children so you can tell whether or not you have a spoiled child.

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    They Run Up A $500 Credit Card Bill

    From Redditor u/Dervrak:

    When my daughter was 15 I set up a credit card account for her, set the limit to $500, and told her the card was only for emergencies, such as if she was out somewhere and needed an Uber home. Got the bill the first month, the card had been run to its limit, $125 at a beauty salon, $200 at various clothing stores, and multiple fast food runs. So I sit her down and say, "Didn't I tell you this card was for emergencies?" She looked me in the eye and calmly said, "Yes, and that's all I used it for." I reply, "And getting your hair done and a sale at Hot Topic are emergencies?!?" She replies, "Yes for someone my age, they are." Needless to say, her credit card was quickly revoked.

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    They Destroy Gifts Because They Aren't EXACTLY What They Want

    From Redditor u/LegacyWRX:

    An old friend of mine and his family are loaded. They constantly get the newest car, massive house, multiple out-of-country vacations a year first class, and he’ll get the most expensive tickets possible for concerts, and Mommy and Daddy would never say no.

    When the iPhones and iPod Touches were blowing up, he asked for a very specific color and GB for the iPod Touch. It was near Christmastime and they were sold out EVERYWHERE. His mom was so disappointed that she paid a lady at the mall DOUBLE the price of the newest iPhone max GB while she was walking out… so he could get something similar since she couldn’t find what he really wanted for Christmas.

    Fast forward to Christmas Day, he opened the box and was so pissed it wasn’t what he wanted that he threw it… hard onto the floor saying that it wasn’t what he asked for. It was completely broken. Then he called her a b**** and left to his room without opening the rest of his presents.

    She then had a breakdown and went to the mall again to ask for what he wanted for the next few weeks until, yet again, someone had just bought one and she paid double to gift it for him again.

    That was the last time we ever spoke, and from what I hear, he has no job, still lives with mom and dad, [has] no high school diploma, upgrades his Mercedes every year, and decided that he’s going to be a rapper or nothing at all.

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    They Grow Up To Raise Their Own Spoiled Kids

    From Redditor u/LowkeyPony:

    Not one of those parents. But my mom never learned.

    She has spoiled my younger sister since she was a toddler. Sister is now in her mid 40s and is still an entitled jerk. To make things even better; my mother has been the child care provider (free child care) for all three of my sister's kids from the time each was born. So now, not only are my nieces and nephew being raised by a narcissistic mom, but by their grandmother that made their mom that way in the first place. The last Christmas we went to their house (which was years ago now since it was THAT BAD), all three kids were in various stages of meltdowns because they didn't get what they wanted. And that was the year the kids got brand-new iPhones. The oldest was 9. The middle was 7. And the youngest was 5. It's funny listening to our mom be confused about how they are all spoiled brats.

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    They Don't Even Know What Tap Water Is

    From Redditor u/NefariousnessReal892:

    My daughter was throwing a fit that her bottle of water was not the brand she wanted, so someone asked her why she didn’t just drink tap water. Her response was, "What’s tap water?” She’s 10.

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    They Get Everything Paid For And Still Complain

    From Redditor u/Gullible-Gur-3501:

    My sister was bought a brand new car for 20k at 15 because my grandma passed and my mom wanted her to drive something safe. She lives in a $2,700 per month apartment without a job because my mom wanted her to have a place to live during covid.

    She complains all of the time about how her car is bad and her apartment sucks and is just generally angry.

    Worst of all she bad talks my mom constantly and is super ungrateful. She calls any money given to her for gas or food "her money." (she is still unemployed)

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    They Don't Value Their Belongings Because They Can Just Buy New Ones

    From Redditor u/Poctah:

    I have always given my kids everything they wanted because we have the money and I never got what I wanted as a child. My daughter is 6 and a few weeks ago she had friends over. One of them broke her toy and she turned to her and said “don’t worry about it we are rich my parents will get me a new one”. That was the moment I realize I have created a monster. Since then I have implemented chores and stopped buying as much for the kids unless they earned it. Luckily they are young(2 and 6) and I have time to teach them the value of money and how not to be a brat.