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Scientists Claim To Have Discovered A Mushroom That Will Give Women Spontaneous Orgasms

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Science is often a messy, complicated subject that isn't really as cut and dry as people believe it to be. Just look at the story of these mushrooms that cause women to have orgasms, a claim so bizarre that most people are tempted to laugh it off. But the idea is an interesting one - and could it even be true? Is there a mushroom that can really throw women into a fit of sexual ecstasy? It's one of those things that seems plausible enough, and one that people desperately want to believe.

An orgasm-inducing mushroom isn't usually the sort of thing that draws any serious scientific attention, and so far no one has been able to scientifically debunked the fantasy-ridden claim. Despite the fact that the research conducted on this fungus' sexual properties is shoddy at best, this could still turn out to be the discovery of the century. This is the story of Dictyophora cinnabarina and the scientists who believe that these mushrooms give women spontaneous orgasms.

  • The Orgasm-Causing Mushroom Is A Type Of Stinkhorn, A Fungus With A Phallic Facade

    Appropriately, the orgasm mushroom is a member of the family of fungi known as Phallaceae. More commonly known as stinkhorn mushrooms, this fungus had become known for its incredibly putrid smell and phallus-like shape. It's no wonder that a mushroom that resembles a penis would be shrouded in rumors about its beneficial impact on human sexuality.

  • The Claim Is Based On An Experiment Conducted In 2001

    The source of these bold claims is a study that was published in 2001 by John C. Holliday and Noah Soule. The two researchers describe the mushrooms as being a "female aphrodisiac" and said that they confirmed these claims through a smell test involving both male and female participants. What's more, they said that nearly half of the female subjects experienced spontaneous orgasms as a result of sniffing the mushroom.

  • Researchers Theorize That The Orgasm Is Smell Induced

    The smell test proved to the researchers that the source of the mushrooms' orgasmic power is a direct result of its potent smell. The study claims that the smell alone can instantaneously trigger an orgasm in women, but that it has a markedly different effect on men. Men who take a deep sniff of the stinkhorn find the stench absolutely repulsive, often comparing it to the smell of human semen.

  • No Other Scientists Have Tried To Repeat The Experiment

    One of the reasons that the validity of this study has been called into question is that there have been no other studies conducted on the topic. It can't be easy to obtain funding for a sexually related experiment in general, so trying to convince someone to pay for a study involving orgasm inducing mushrooms must be nearly impossible. Although people tend to jump at the chance to work on studies promising potentially groundbreaking discoveries, science requires that an experiment be run several times before the results can be credible.