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Scientists Claim To Have Discovered A Mushroom That Will Give Women Spontaneous Orgasms

Updated August 31, 2017 73.4k views8 items

Science is often a messy, complicated subject that isn't really as cut and dry as people believe it to be. Just look at the story of these mushrooms that cause women to have orgasms, a claim so bizarre that most people are tempted to laugh it off. But the idea is an interesting one - and could it even be true? Is there a mushroom that can really throw women into a fit of sexual ecstasy? It's one of those things that seems plausible enough, and one that people desperately want to believe.

An orgasm-inducing mushroom isn't usually the sort of thing that draws any serious scientific attention, and so far no one has been able to scientifically debunked the fantasy-ridden claim. Despite the fact that the research conducted on this fungus' sexual properties is shoddy at best, this could still turn out to be the discovery of the century. This is the story of Dictyophora cinnabarina and the scientists who believe that these mushrooms give women spontaneous orgasms.

  • Researchers Claim That The Mushroom Can Only Be Found In Hawaii

    In the abstract of the scientific study, the researchers describe the mushroom as being native to Hawaii, noting that it can only be found on volcanic rocks that formed between 600 and 10,000 years ago. In reality, though, these conditions are extremely unlikely to be able to support fungal life of any kind. Plus, an expedition to find these mythical mushrooms failed to turn up any evidence that they grow on volcanic rocks; however, they were found huddled beneath various trees in a Hawaiian state park.

  • A Journalist Went To Hawaii To Debunk The Study

    Journalist Christie Wilcox has done what few people have dared to do before or since: she went out in search of the illusive mushrooms that give women orgasms. She describes her journey in great detail, and is possibly the only person to have attempted to verify the claims made by Holliday and Soule. Sadly, the results of her research into the subject are not very promising for those hoping to sniff some sex shrooms. All of the mushroom and Hawaiian history experts she spoke to completely refuted the idea that any sort of Hawaiian mushrooms could have the capability of inducing orgasms.

    She eventually managed to find the mushroom herself in a national park on the island. And when she and her boyfriend smelled the mushroom, it was far from an orgasmic experience. Both were disgusted by the smell, with Wilcox becoming extremely nauseous to the point of nearly losing her lunch. Not very sexy. She admits that they did not use the most scientific process, but her findings don't bode well for the claims made by Holliday and Soule.

  • Some Parts Of The Study Are Probably True

    While the sexual claims made by the paper's researchers may not be proven to be accurate, there were a few findings from their study that turned out to be true: the mushroom is found on Hawaii and in one of the two locations that were originally described by Holliday. On top of that, it does have the potential to increase the heart rate of women who smell it. It may not be everything it's cracked up to be, but at least the mushroom actually exists.

  • So Far, There Is No Evidence That Any Substance Can Cause Spontaneous Orgasms

    According to experts interviewed by Wilcox, there is currently no known substance - either natural or artificial - that can bring anyone to spontaneous orgasm. However, one of the researchers who authored the study claims that a large pharmaceutical company is working to extract the active ingredient from the orgasm mushroom in order to use it in commercial products. We may have to wait a while before seeing any evidence of this working, if there even is any sort of accuracy to his claims.