Graveyard Shift Inside The Haunted Hotels That Will Actually Let You Spend The Night  

Rebecca High

Creepy hotels are just par for the course — any building that has rooms for rent to anyone over a long course of time must have some secrets buried somewhere. There is, however, a top-tier list of the spookiest hotels of them all, and this video introduces a few of the creepiest.

The hotel from The Shining makes the list, of course: there are few hotels as quintessentially horror themed and haunted as The Stanley in Estes Park, Colorado. 

Stephen King was inspired to write the book when he stayed at The Stanley, and guests have since reported ghostly sightings and scary laughter coming from various crevices of the place. You, too, can stay there for as little as under $200 per night, and experience it for yourself.

But there are even creepier hotels where you can stay and bask in the tales of horror surrounding them. Watch this video and get ready to plan your next spine-tingling adventure!