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The Spookiest Villains in Comics

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List RulesWhich of these creepy villains are you afraid to find lurking underneath your bed?

Who needs the likes of Michael Myers, Freddie Krueger, and Jason when we have villains in comics that are just as scary, if not scarier, to keep you up at night? You know, those villains that you definitely wouldn't want to run into in a dark alley. Which are the most terrifying villains in comic books?

Does the Scarecrow bring the fear out in you? Does the thought of Venom being around you make you cringe? Does Batman's Victor Zsasz make you feel lightheaded?

We've got goblins, alien symbiotes, evil clowns, the undead, and all manner of spooky characters! Some of these characters even come from the best horror comics. Make sure to vote up all the villains that you wish weren't flooding your nightmares, and vote down the ones you could handle in your face, no problem. 


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    Creepy or not that bad?

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  • Victor Zsasz
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    Creepy or not that bad?

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