halloween These Spooky Jell-O Shot Are The Coolest Trick For Your Halloween Party  

Eric Conner
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Spooky Jell-O shots are a staple of any legit Halloween party. You can make them colorful, candy-filled, or even alcohol-free for the under 21 set – but why? 

Get the kids to sleep early and bust out these Halloween Jell-O shots for your adult friends. Unlike garbage punch with dry ice, you'll need to spend time preparing these Jell-O shots for a Halloween party. Some of them require the right molds. All require time to cool and congeal, which anyone who's made Jell-O shots already knows. 

These Halloween-themed shots can complement your other spooky foods and turn your party up to 11. The best drinks to serve on Halloween come in many shapes and sizes, but all feature an extra spooky touch and a hefty kick. Just remember to drink responsibly – you don't want to end up with a Hallo-hangover.

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Make some gory gray matter by mixing up hazelnut and raspberry liqueurs, vodka, unflavored gelatin, and condensed milk. The jury's out on whether these jiggling brains will make you smarter, but zombies sure seem to enjoy them.

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Literal Shots

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This idea is so simple, yet so ingenious, it's a wonder that Jell-O "shots" haven't already taken the bar scene by storm. If you prefer a bloody red mixture, try Bonnie Harris's video. If you're more into Re-Animator-inspired serums for your shots, grab some electric green gel food coloring and check out Bread Booze Bacon's tutorial.

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Eyeball Shots

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What's spookier than a Jello-O shot shaped like a staring eyeball? Drink Lab came up with a recipe for slurpable baby blues featuring vodka, condensed milk, grenadine, and chocolate syrup. Just be sure to follow the steps carefully – you don't want to end up with melting eyes.

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Glowing Ghost Shots

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Your dorm-room blacklight will be put to ghostly effect for these glowing spirits. Tipsy Bartender came up with these wiggly blue raspberry flavored concoctions. They feature coconut rum as well as vodka for an extra kick.