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People Share Stories About The Spooky House On Their Street

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Creepy houses are a horror movie staple, but what if you lived on the same street as a super spooky house in real life? Even worse, what if the home you're living in is the rumored haunted house on the block? On Reddit, people are sharing tales of the spookiest houses on the block that continue to haunt them.

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    The House Was Eventually Torn Down After Too Many Unexplained Occurrences

    From Redditor u/JinxSphinx:

    I remember as a kid going past a gravel lot daily on my way to school. I never thought much of it but my dad told me the history of it one day in passing. He told me there used to be a house on that old lot that belonged to a divorced lady with three kids.

    Her ex was a gold-plated a**hole who more or less abandoned her and refused to support her and [their] children. She worked but it wasn't enough, and finally, she received an eviction notice. The kids were hungry, her ex was being an even bigger a**hole than usual, and the eviction notice was the icing on the cake.

    She went mad and began attacking her children with a hammer, killing two immediately and catching one in the head as he tried to run out the door, leaving a ring of blood splash on the ceiling from it.

    As time went by and the horror faded, the house was put up for sale multiple times, but people either wouldn't buy it or never stayed long. My dad told me you could hear screams, children laughing, and footsteps in the house. Objects would move on their own, and the son's bloodstain on the ceiling kept reappearing, no matter how many times the area was painted over or the panels replaced.

    Eventually, it was abandoned and torn down, and now there's just a gravel lot sitting where that house was.

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    They Found Human Remains From The 1800s On The Creepy Property

    From Redditor u/I-Like-em-thick-203:

    My brother literally owns the creepy old house on the end of the road. 150+-year-old, tall, three-story, colonial-style house, built and originally owned by a church, then sold to an Irish monk who turned it into a monastery. While doing renovations to turn it into a two-family home, we found dozens of pairs of shoes in the walls (something done to ward off the banshee in Irish folklore).

    But here’s the kicker, we found the bones of a child alongside an old leather ball, a toy boat, and a glass vial of some crystal rock-like substance with an old handwritten label that read “fair haven pharmacy” “____ acid solution.” The bottom half of the label was torn, so it was impossible to tell what form of acid, but I promise it wasn’t the fun kind. Upon contacting the police, they retrieved the remains and eventually determined that they belonged to a young boy around the 1860s who must’ve gotten deathly ill and been put down in a way deemed ethical by modern medicine at the time.

    For some reason unknown, someone decided to bury them in an angled portion of the ceiling above where the kitchen sink is now - maybe it was a severe winter. Tons of creepy and unlucky things happen around that area, including a live mouse climbing out of the drain right when my mother went to empty the food trap and glasses that are left in the drainboard somehow breaking on the floor 10 feet from the sink next to the wall on the other side of the room. Beautiful house, though.

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    They Went To Explore The Spooky House And Were Chased Out By Footsteps 

    From Redditor u/Guilty_Dream8153:

    I was 14 when my friends and I went to the “spooky house” of our small town, which was the house of a known serial killer and kidnapper according to some stories. We decided to enter the house and found your usual abandoned house things, like debris and random broken things, but we also ended up finding bones (didn’t know if they were human or animal).  

    Then, we heard someone running above us to the stairs, and we booked it. I have never run so fast in my life. We never looked back, but it turns out there was a squatter who lived there who was known for trying to stab people and steal their money. I’ve never again entered an abandoned house.

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    There Are Areas Of Their Own Home No One Will Go Into

    From Redditor u/LowkeyPony:

    I lived in the "spooky house" growing up. My mom still lives there. The house is unique in its style. It's a two-floor, shotgun-style home. Which is more unique because it's in the north-eastern part of the country (US), not in the Southern part where the shotgun-style is more common. The property has a large lot, which for a while was split into two fields. It's now more open, but my mother has stopped having it mowed, so it's going back to nature.

    The house is old. As far as anyone can tell, it was built prior to the town's incorporation in 1872 and was the main part of what was a larger piece of property. When I was growing up, it was always painted a darker color (red and then a dark brown). The house still gives off weird vibes. And there are parts of the house and property not even my mom will go to.

    It's going to be sad that when she passes... The property will probably be split up and the house torn down for a newer build or access road to the land behind it. Growing up, weird sh*t happened consistently, and we were not allowed to have Ouija boards, even as a joke.

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