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The Craziest Coach Meltdowns of All Time

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To be good at sports, and good at coaching sports, requires a lot of passion. A lot of that passion is shown by the players on the field, court, or ice, as they pour out their hearts and souls into winning. However, there have been plenty of instances where coaches have displayed the same type of energy, in the form of a major freak out. These sports coaches have melted down with epic tantrums, by getting in fights with officials (or even their players), and by arguing with the press.

Unfortunately, and especially in the latter case, it doesn't always come out at the right time, like, for instance in front of a camera. Reminding us all that coaches aren't wired the same way as us normal people or, yes, even their players, here's a list of the biggest coaching meltdowns in sports history to remind you that you're not as crazy as you might think, but these guys most definitely are.

These crazy coaches come from the NFL, NHL, the MLB and even some minor league and college sports teams as well. But the one thing they all have in common is their tendency to totally freak out. Vote for the sports coaches most likely to blow a fuse below, and then quickly get out of the way. 
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