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The Most Beautiful Wives and Girlfriends of Sports Owners

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These are the hottest Sports team owners wives and girlfriends. Usually it's the athletes you see pulling in the sexiest women on the planet, and that makes a certain amount of sense if you use your high school logic. The jocks still get all the girls. But, in this case, when great power and extreme wealth come into play, these sports owners can attract some seriously hot ladies.

So who are the hottest wives and girlfriends of sports team owners? That's up to you decide. From Michael Jordan's wife to Mark Cuban's wife, these are the most beautiful women behind some of the most powerful men in sports.

Make no mistake, the women on this list aren't just wives of men. Of course not. These women have made great careers for themselves despite their husbands. From movie studios to big business to the world and fashion and beyond, these ladies are a force to be reckon with in their own right.

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