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Sports Stars Who You Would Break Out of Jail

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List RulesSports stars who have been in jail. Being arrested only doesn't count

This is a list of sports stars you would help break out of jail. For many sports fans, seeing their favorite star athlete sentenced to jail time can be heartbreaking. In team sports in particular, the good mojo of a season could be lost due to one player heading to jail. It's happened before and likely will happen again that a boneheaded athlete commits a senseless crime that lands them in prison. Jocks though, unlike other members of the population, will have fans, teammates and even coaches throwing their support behind them. In fact, there are people on this list who you would even help break out of jail. Most fans have thought about this before to save their favorite team or athlete. 

There are quite a few big named athletes on this list who have landed in jail. Some, like boxer Ruben "Hurricane" Carter and NFL player Brian Banks, were wrongfully imprisoned. This is a very, very rare circumstance because the athletes who are on this list are here for a reason. But that doesn't we wouldn't consider busting them out of the big house. Boxing fans of the mid-90s would have loved to see Mike Tyson knock out a few more opponents instead of languishing in jail for nearly three years. Gamblers would have broken him out of jail if Tyson would have helped them win more money. New York Giants fans would likely have helped get Plaxico Burress out of jail if ensured them of winning their second consecutive championship in 2008. Other infamous sports stars on this list may or not be assisted with a prison break, but they're on here due to the remote possibility one of their fans would consider doing it.

Vote for the sports star who you would consider breaking out of jail. If you see an athlete on here who you would consider risking your freedom for, then vote for him or her. The sports stars at the top of this should be people you would want to help out and towards the bottom are the athletes you would least want to break out of jail
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