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The Craziest Superstitions in Sports

Athletes seem powerful and mostly pretty cool, so when you start looking into sports superstitions and rituals, it's oddly vindicating to discover that big time athletes have as many quirks (if not more) than you do. It’s interesting to discover that despite their millions of dollars and pumped up muscles, athletes are just as bound to strange, and often surreal sports rituals in the service of doing well at their job. Depending on your own superstitious habits, this list of athlete rituals is either going to make complete sense to you, or make you wonder how all these weird superstitions and habits came to be so prevalent.

For as rough and tumble as they are, athletes are super weird. Who knew that they had just as many superstitions and traditions as the old ladies that haunt bingo halls, and wedding planners the world over? As odd as it is that some baseball players don’t wash their clothes during hot streaks, and that one MMA fighter drinks his own pee (yep!), it's really too bad that there isn't even one hockey player who needs a troll doll on the ice with him at all times. Perchance to dream, we suppose.

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