The Fascinating Evolution Of Sports Team Logos

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A good sports logo should be emblematic, recognizable by millions of people in every corner of the planet. The crown of Real Madrid, for example, holds more sway than Queen Elizabeth’s crown and that’s no exaggeration. The “NY” of the Yankees is also one of the most famous sport symbols of people wear hats that bear the “NY” whether they root for the Yankees or not. However, have you ever thought about how these famous team logos have evolved throughout the years, and would you recognize your favorite team’s logo if you saw it in its earliest incarnation?

Now's your chance to find out. Collected here are the biggest logos in sports with side-by-side comparisons of their insignias over the years. Like any great logo, these symbols represent not only a team's spirit but also its history. Logos, same as a team roster, go through their own changes and revisions to provide the perfect encapsulation of a team's pride, character, and story.