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Which Olympic Sport Has the Most Attractive Athletes?

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Every few years, the world comes together to celebrate its strongest, toughest, and most athletic stars. Nothing makes us prouder than watching our sports heroes step onto the podium while the national anthem plays - especially because elite athletes tend to be pretty easy on the eyes. But which Olympic events have the hottest stars? This list of hot Olympians broken down by sport will finally answer that question. In fact, it is your duty as a citizen to give a gold medal to the sport with the most attractive athletes. Vote up the Olympic sports and events with the hottest athletes.

Take a moment to truly appreciate the sexy side of sports, as long as you also remember that these world class Olympians worked incredibly hard to get where they are in the competition. All of their dedication has brought them to the world stage to proudly represent their nations and themselves. It sure is a pleasure to watch.

  • 1. Pole Vaulting

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  • 2. Volleyball

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  • 3. Hurdling

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  • 4. Tennis

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