Interesting Facts And Hacks Everyone Should Know About Spotify

Spotify is like a little AI music box in your pocket. Somehow, it can always play what you're in the mood for, it finds you those niche genres so you can find new music, and it still lets you pump some of those top artists you might be a little embarrassed to cop to loving so damn much. The app is chock-full of gems, right down to an annual end-of-the-year playlist that gives you new recommendations based on what you've been listening to for 360-odd days. 

But a lot goes into amassing those 100-song playlists and the weirdly specific genres, and there's a whole lot of fun drama surrounding musicians getting that streaming money. Algorithms that tell you all your favorite songs are only a tiny drop in the bucket of all the fun treasures Spotify has for you if you just do a little bit of hunting.

In fact, why don't you put on some Spotify now while you jam out over these interesting facts and hacks about Spotify. Don't forget to check out the Spotify stories that involve the likes of Taylor Swift distancing herself from the brand, before coming on back with Reputation.