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Every Song With Over 1 Billion Spotify Streams, Ranked By How Good They Actually Are

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Here are the most played songs on Spotify, ranked by fans everywhere. In the modern music industry, there is perhaps no better barometer for an artist's popularity than how many streams their most popular songs boast. In 2020, going triple-platinum is a big achievement, but snagging triple commas is the real white whale for the most popular artists in the world. Indeed, of the top songs in Spotify's seemingly never-ending library, just over 50 tracks have crossed the 1 billion stream threshold.

The three comma club is an elite one, and while a number of rap, rock, and EDM hits have made it in, the list skews heavily toward pop. Ed Sheeran's "Shape Of You" has long been the most listened to song on Spotify, with over 2 billion plays since its release in 2017. And, with four total tracks holding over a billion plays each and three in the top 10, the British singer dominates the list of the most-streamed songs. Post Malone, too, has four 10-figure songs to his name, as does Justin Bieber (though, including features, he's responsible for six). 

Unsurprisingly, the most played songs on Spotify are, overwhelmingly, from the 2010s. Of all the songs with 1 billion streams or more, the second oldest track, Passenger's "Let Her Go," was released in 2012. The oldest, and the only entry from another decade thus far to rack up a billion Spotify plays, is Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody," released in 1975. Quite the age gap. 

Because quality and quantity are, all too often, not one and the same, we've compiled all 58 songs that have reached the milestone of 1 billion or more plays, so that you can decide which of the most popular songs on Spotify are actually the best.

Have you had Drake's "God's Plan" on repeat since it dropped in 2018? Did you listen to Billie Eilish's "bad guy" so much that it topped the Spotify-curated "Your Top Songs 2019" playlist? Vote up the most streamed songs on Spotify that deserve all the hype, and vote down the ones that you think are overrated, or flat-out bad.