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Tips Spotify Tips and Tricks  

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After hearing your buddies across the pond bragging about the awesomeness that is Spotify, you finally get an invite to the music service, so now what? Time to learn a few of the best Spotify tips and tricks to make the most of your social listening experience. Move over, Spotify the next new hip thing.

For those unfamiliar, Spotify has been earning rave reviews in Europe for a while now leading to its launch in the United States in July 2011. Spotify fans describe the platform as iTunes meets meets Napster with a touch of the best social media sites sprinkled in. Users can find and listen to nearly any song they desire on demand, organize their own music and playlists and share their musical tastes with friends, and that's just on the free version. Yeah, it's pretty cool and these Spotify tips and tricks make it even better.

Learn Keyboard Shortcuts

Save time and mouse clicks by learning keyboard shortcuts that can be used with Spotify. For example, using the tab key can cycle through columns while the up and down arrows can cycle through the list of tracks. Press enter to play a track while it's selected and use the spacebar to pause or unpause the track.

Control the volume by holding "CTRL" and using the up and down arrows and even skip to the next song (or start a song over) by holding "CTRL" and using the right and left arrow buttons. Holding "ATL" can be helpful as well, especially in conjunction with the right and left arrow buttons which allow you to scroll through pages.
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Search Like A Pro

Let's face it, with millions and millions of tracks in the database, finding one specific song on Spotify can be slightly challenging. Fortunately, Spotify users can take advantage of advanced search commands to narrow down their search results. At the beginning of your search query, add in a qualifier like:


Of course you'll need to type the title, album, artist, etc. immediately after the colon to make the command work. Bonus: You can add multiple search commands in a single query. No longer will you spend hours looking for that obscure blues song that you know is from 1982, but you cannot seem to find by simply searching 1982 blues.
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Take Your Jams With You

Considering you probably already linked your devices to Spotify when you started the software for the first time, you likely already know that you can sync your music between Spotify and your iPod, iPhone or Android device using wired and WiFi methods, but that's not all you can do.

Using one of the paid upgrades available for Spotify users, you can take your online music from Spotify offline. For $9.99 a month on the premium plan, you can access offline mode which takes your music with you on a computer or cell phone wherever you are. Not a bad deal really, especially for those who find themselves bored and without a WiFi connection on a regular basis.
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Put Your Music on Blast

Open your preferences menu, click the box to enable scrobbling to and enter your login information. Just like that your picks on Spotify will be sent to automatically.

Mozilla Firefox users can also put their picks on blast using another method, FoxyTunes. By downloading and installing the Firefox plugin, you can manage what's playing in Spotify, and even Tweet your tracks, using the controls built into the browser.
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