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What would you do if your significant other's job was to film sex scenes with his or her co-workers? Yeah, you'd probably be on this list of famous spouses who are not down with sex scenes, too. 

Who can blame these poor spouses and SOs for being jealous of their partner's sex scenes? Jenna Dewan-Tatum has admitted that husband Channing Tatum "doesn't like her having sex scenes with other men." And it's pretty understandable why Jamie Dornan's wife might not have wanted to watch her husband whip and deflower Dakota Johnson in Fifty Shades of Grey. Sure, we've heard all about how filming sex scenes is actually "really awkward" and "not sexy," but we've seen some pretty racy scenes that could fool even the most discerning eye - like the ones that belong to these jealous wives and husbands. 

Maybe that's exactly why some celeb spouses have laid down specific rules. For example, Boris Kodjoe and his actress wife Nicole Ari Parker have "no tongue" and "no nipple in the mouth" rules. And some spouses just flat out won't watch - like Patricia Arquette, who probably hasn't seen many of her huband's scenes in Hung. With how steamy some of these scenes can get, rules for sex scenes sound pretty fair! Check out which stars are dealing with jealous types on this list!

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When Jenna Dewan Tatum sat down with E! News she admitted that it was "so true" that her husband Channing Tatum "doesn't like her having sex scenes with other men." Kind of awkward considering the star of Witches of East End was in quite the steamy love triangle during season one.

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Patricia Arquette is so not down with watching husband Thomas Jane on his show Hung. She actually has to look away, according to Ace Showbiz"And I don't like it. I can't look at it. That's my love - I can't look at that. But I do know that he's an amazing actor, and I trust him," she explained. It's a wonder she's seen any of his show at all, since on it Jane plays a struggling high school coach who resorts to male prostitution...

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According to Celebitchy, Stephen Moyer's wasn't a fan of his wife's (Anna Paquin) sex scenes with True Blood co-star Alexander Skarsgard. A source said Moyer freaked out "because he felt Anna was way too enthusiastic about fooling around with Alex, who is fresh off a split form Kate Bosworth." According to the same source, â€śbetween scenes, [Paquin] seemed to make a point of walking over to him to whisper something in his ear or grab a quick kiss."


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According to Daily Mail, Ewan McGregor's wife, Eve, got really jealous about the sex scene between her husband and actress Kelly Macdonald in Trainspotting. "I was pregnant with Clara, and Kelly, who is delightful, was a beautiful fresh flower. Maybe it was my hormones, but it took me until after the birth not to tremble when I saw [Macdonald]," she explained. 

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