Spring Break Mugshots That'll Make You Want To Stay Home Next Year

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Every year, police stations in every trashy travel destination buckle down like moms on Black Friday for the vast multitude of inevitable spring break arrests. Though the thrill of underage drinking and drug possession sounds enticing, this collection of spring break mugshots will convince you to spend next spring break playing Catchphrase in the safety of your dorm's common rooms. Given most of these perps are underage, it's safe to assume this is the only spring break they'll experience for a while. Unless they watch Spring Breakers, the type of content that probably got them into this mess in the first place.

Below, you'll find a series of unfortunate spring break mugshots that arose from vacations gone terribly wrong. Some can even be added to the glorious collection of Florida mugshots. Though a few appear not so bothered by being busted for their spring break crimes, the vast majority would definitely rather be chilling poolside instead of in a prison cell. The next time you feel like getting a little wild and crazy in Myrtle Beach, check out these spring break mugshots as a gentle reminder to sip responsibly.