15 Unhinged Spring Break Stories That Turned The Beach Bums Into Beach Bummers

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It sounds like these people need a vacation from their vacations. We found some of the pettiest spring break stories on Reddit that the internet couldn't get enough of. Vote up the stories where you sided with original poster.

  • 1. Student Lets Other People Sleep In His Roommate's Bed Without Asking For Permission

    From Redditor u/WisconsinRedBadger:

    I am a freshman in college. As you can probably guess I attend UW-Madison. Well 3 weeks ago was break and my family lives far away so I decided to stay in madison and work over break. This works out well as my GF is from here and was staying over break. Before my roommate left we did a substantial cleaning of the dorm. Vaccuum, wiping all the dust away and sanitizing everything, washing all our sheets and bedding. I thought this was great, a clean room all to myself and i don't have to be embaressed when guests come over.

    So basically my GF's friend and SO came over and we hanged at my dorm most of the time over the course of several nights. We got really drunk most of the nights and since my roommate wasn't there I gave the all clear for my GF significant others to sleep in my roommates bed. I had a roommate agreement with my roommate and this wasn't mentioned in the contract, so I was all good.

    Roommate came back and freaked out when he saw his sheets were not clean and his bed wasn't made when he left it. He first asked if we were robbed and I said no, I let my GF friends sleep on it. He freaked out and said that was wrong. I firmly told him that he should have included it in the roommate agreement and it wasn't my problem. He got the RA involved and threw a fuss. The RA is saying I might have to move even though he's the one causing the fuss. For now we are not talking. I tried to be reasonable and explain to him why he's wrong but he won't communicate and ignores me. He's really immature like that. AITA?

  • 2. Student Ruins Their Girlfriend's Spring Break

    From Redditor u/Awkward-Horse:

    So my girlfriend and I are in college. Spring break is coming up. I have to do a trial job thing over my break so I cannot go on a trip. This is very important because it could potentially set up my job after college. Anyways, she’s very upset that I can’t go on a trip. She wanted just the two of us to go somewhere nice. She now wants to go with this group of friends ( m and f) since I can’t. Here’s when it gets dicey. I didn’t demand, but I told her I’d feel uncomfortable with her going on a co-Ed spring break trip without me. I said it’s not that I don’t trust anyone and the guys are kinda nerdy, but the whole nature of the thing makes me feel weird. She says that I should tell my job that I wanna enjoy my last spring break, and she’d love to be with me. But if I’m going to not go, she’s gonna do as she pleases with her friends.


  • 3. Person Wants To Tell Their Friend's Boyfriend That She Was Dancing WIth Other Guys On Spring Break

    From Redditor u/gma0703:

    I went on Spring Break with my girlfriend’s friends this past week and we went out at night a few times. One of the friends has a boyfriend that went somewhere else for the week. When we were at a bar one night, the friend got pretty tipsy and when we were on the dance floor, I saw her grind with 5+ guys. She wasn’t hardcore grinding, but the guys had their hands on her hips and she was moving back and forth.

    My gf and I pulled her off every time, and she would always thank us for pulling her off. But she would never resist it when a new guy tried to initiate the grinding. For the record, both my gf and I would consider it cheating if we found out the other had grinded with someone.

    So, WIBTA if I texted her boyfriend something like “hey, I don’t know if this is an issue for you, but I saw [the friend] grinding with a few guys when we went on Spring Break.”

    Edit: I have met the friend’s boyfriend, but only hung out 2 or 3 times.

  • 4. Family Member Only Wants Their 'Blood Relatives' In The Family Picture On Spring Break Trip

    From Redditor u/thisismyworkpassword:

    This happened at spring break.

    My family had a huge family reunion at Disney Land this year (we actually lost the last few days for the shut down). There are 14 cousins my generation and collectively we have 42 kids (my sister has adopted 6 kids which is included in that number). What is crazy is every single one of the 36 bio kids looks almost exactly like my grandpa. It's uncanny how strong his genes were to pass on his appearance. All of blonde hair, a certain amount of freckles on the nose and cheeks, all have a cleft chin and small but pointy nose.

    I love my sister's kids to death every since they adopted (or foster, but working on adoption) them and we treat them just like we do all the other kids. 3 are from Syria, one is from Senegal, one from Bulgaria and one from Vietnam. I mean needless to say, they don't look like the other cousins but they are loved just the same.

    Well I thought it would be neat to get just one picture of all the bio cousins to demonstrate how much they looked alike. We had taken hundreds of pics of all different combinations, I.e. all boys, all girls, all teens, all toddlers, all first graders, etc... so to me there was literally nothing different about wanting one with just the kids that looked alike.

    Well my sister had an absolute meltdown. She accused me of being racist and exclusionary. I tried to explain that we'd taken dozens of shots of all 42 together and this was just a unique chance to show how much all the second generation looked like each other. Several of the cousins agreed with her. She made a huge scene that has caused a fight that has lasted 6 weeks now when if we just would have taken the picture it would have been over and done with.

    I finally saw my sister again yesterday and she made another huge deal about how much of an *sshole I was.

    Was I?

  • 5. Spouse Refuses To Pay For Their Husband's Sister To Join Them On Spring Break

    From Redditor u/RoLandaMamba:

    I married my husband from another country, happens to be a 3rd world country where his family is very poor. We live in the US and have good jobs and enjoy a comfortable lifestyle with our two young daughters (ages 5, 7). I work hard so that I can save and travel, it's what we do as a family and what we really enjoy. Important Note: We are not rich, not by any standards. We just prioritize travel and creating experiences over buying things. We've visited several continents with our kids and have plans to travel to Mexico this upcoming Spring Break.

    My husband has a kid sister whom we became guardians over 2 years ago--she is now a senior in high school. I initiated this and brought her from her country to live with us so that she could have a better future. This decision obviously created lots of change for our family--our two daughters now share a room instead of having their own, we have family dinner together every night as a family of five, I am her advocate getting her into a great high school, finding her counseling for trauma she has experienced, creating structure for things like homework, a chore chart around the house with allowance, drivers ed, doctor appointments, planning for university, etc etc. Last year I paid for her to do a 6 week trip back to her country to visit her friends/family and over XMas this year I am bringing her with us (obviously--it's the holidays) as we visit my parents in Arizona--she'll get a 3 week fun trip at a resort-like location with the rest of us. I've encouraged her several times to consider getting a part time job so she can pay for gas when she starts driving (we are providing her a vehicle at no cost) and other things she might want to buy (makeup, post-high school travel or other plans, etc). She has yet to do this even though she says she wants one.


    So the question--AITA? We are planning a Spring Break trip to Mexico and I'll be honest, it's a bit expensive. I told my husband that I feel comfortable having his sister stay home for the week (she'll be an 18 year old sr in HS) and has stayed home previously for shorter things, and she is very trustworthy. Husband blew up at my and told me it was unreasonable to leave her at home and that if we go we need to pay for her ticket too. I said that if she wanted to go she could have gotten a part time job and shown initiative in saving money for things that are important to her. Our relationship with this young woman is very good, but it is not one of parent/child--we are like her aunt/uncle helping her the most we can. I do not feel obligated to support her in every single way. I feel that we've been more than generous throughout the past few years, and will continue to do so. We're at a standstill--can you help??

  • 6. Student Gets Picky About Spring Break Accommodations

    From Redditor u/OtherWorldStar:

    I am going on a uni sponsored Spring Break trip. The trip focuses on volunteerism and service for the environment which I was more than happy to sign up for. My uni made this trip very competitive for selection. You had to fill out applications, submit resumes, do interviews etc. They made it seem like a grand scholarship. I was selected in November, and the only thing I had to do was pay my nonrefundable deposit. I wasn’t too happy paying for a deposit when I didn’t know our trip location, housing, itinerary, etc, but considering it was a school sponsored trip and we are a big profitable school I assumed everything would probably be acceptable.

    2 weeks before the trip starts, we finally get info on our trip. We’re going to FL to do some conservation efforts; awesome. Then I find out about our lodging situation. I find out we’ll be sleeping on a gym floor in a church, and our daily meals will be things like pb and j sandwiches. Im appalled, I wasn’t expecting luxury hotels or anything, but I expected a basic hotel room and a basic restaurant that we’d pay for out of pocket. I never want to seem “bougie” or too good for something, but I expected more from something that was SO competitive. My parents ask me to pull out, for my safety and comfort, but I already paid my deposit, and I decided to try to be open to things.

    Here’s the AITA part. Trying to make my trip as comfortable as possible, I asked for a LOT of extensive details regarding everything. For example, I asked if we’re allowed to bring our own food to cook (we are provided a kitchen) or if I can Uber eats every night, and she said sure somewhat unwillingly. When our trip advisor asked us about things we wanted to as a group, I recommended things that were about $15-$30 per person per day and everyone looked at me like I was crazy and said I was unreasonable. So as expected, despite being in beautiful FL we will be doing for little in fun because no one wants to spend anything. We aren’t allowed to uber or go anywhere by ourselves either. It’s either all the group or nothing. I know we’re college students, but I feel like we should put out a lil. I’ve feel like a lot of the trip advisors are sorta treating me for being a problem child for trying to make this trip accommodating to myself, but considering that the trip felt like a bait and switch Im just trying to make the most of it. I am open to new things and experiences, which is why i signed up for the trip but wasn’t expecting this.

    I guess the question is, AITA for wishing people would spend more on the trip and wanting to personally accommodate myself?

    Edit: A lil edit since I see common themes in the comments. I am very well aware this is service based trip, that’s why I signed up!, but I didn’t know a service trip meant odd lodging. We consider that mission work where Im from. I did ask for extensive details before I paid my deposit, but my school’s website was slightly vague and the advisors wanted to keep everything “a secret/surprise.” We are encouraged to go out and have fun after our service for the day, but the discrepancy is how much everyone is willing to pay for fun and the fact that we have to always be and agree as a group. I could not go, but lose my deposit which wasn’t cheap.