Hilarious Times The Sprouse Twins Roasted Each Other On Twitter

You remember them - the hilariously adorable blond twins from The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. The Sprouse twins were perfect on the 2005 Disney sitcom and they starred as quick-witted rebel rousers that lived in the hotel where their mom worked. Zack and Cody kept all of the hotel staff on their toes and caused almost as much trouble as another famous set of blonde twins - Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen - in all of their various TV shows and movies

After their first phenomenal Disney channel show ended in 2008, both Dylan and Cole Sprouse signed on for an additional three years with the mega network. Their second show, The Suite Life on Deck continued with hijinks and set up the young men for a future of financial success. Now much older, the twins have dabbled in other major television hits (Cole stars as Jughead in Riverdale and the Riverdale fan theories are intense) and even business ownership (Dylan is working on an animated series and a bar in New York).

The two still love a good prank, though, especially if they're pranking each other. They use Twitter to roast one another and fans have been rolling at the results. Take a peek at some of their antics below.