Squidward One-Liners That Are Equal Parts Hilarious And Depressing

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As kids, it was easy to look at Squidward Tentacles as SpongeBob's curmudgeonly neighbor. Now that we're older, we see him for what he really is - an adult. His quippy one-liners and jests about how much life sucks are eerily relatable, and frankly now almost everything he says rings true. Not to mention, he's easily the funniest character in the show. (No, this is not up for debate.) These are the best Squidward one-liners. Feel free to laugh, or don't - whatever. 

Photo: Rebloggy/Tumblr

  • 1. See You Never

    See You Never
    Photo: Amanda Wolford / Pinterest
  • 2. So Close

    So Close
    Photo: Spongebob-daily / AwwMemes
  • 3. My Daily Plans

    My Daily Plans
    Photo: cali7 / Tenor
  • 4. Where's The Lie?

    Where's The Lie?
    Photo: Danielle LaBrash / Pinterest
  • 5. The Sad Reality

    The Sad Reality
    Photo: Funnyism
  • 6. Anything Would Be Better Than This

    Anything Would Be Better Than This
    Photo: KB Cloudd / Pinterest