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22 St. Patrick's Day Mugshots That Were Anything But Lucky

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If there’s one day when you can expect every person with even a tangential Irish heritage to go ham, it’s Saint Patrick’s Day, the green, beer-soaked day that always devolves into a hijinks-filled weekend. The mixture of large quantities of alcohol and rowdy lads and lasses ensure most St. Patrick's Day crimes involve either a brawl, public intoxication, or a combination of the two.

But some of the St. Patty's Day arrests covered on this list branch out into lesser blarney stone crimes like masturbating during a parade and robbing a church; still illegal, but not quite in the spirit of St. Paddy's, no? Take a look at these St. Patrick's Day mugshots and try to figure out which person who partied too hard did what. If these green goblins look all greener than usual, it's probably from envying your freedom. 

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