29 Hilarious Stair FAILs

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Stairs. We've all had our misunderstandings with them. Though necessary evils of civilized society, these looming little levels are something many of us have unfortunately learned first-hand are never to be completely trusted. Don't believe us? After viewing this extensive list of stair fails, you'll reconsider your trusting relationship with the sneaky little bastards.

Almost exclusively sticking together in packs, steps can be a disastrous tricksters when they decide to combine their forces with their good pal gravity and send an unsuspecting climber hurtling towards the landing below. On the bright side however, you gotta admit, being anyone except the guy spiraling toward the cold, hard concrete below can be kind of hilarious. That’s why we decided to combine the best of both worlds and put together this hilarious collection of mostly funny stair fails. 

With the help of these funny gifs of people falling down stairs, now you too can join in the hilarity of watching someone who isn’t you fall victim to an epic stair fail disaster. We’ve got everyone from unsuspecting pedestrians to furry four-legged stair fail victims to would-be stunt people who dared to tempt the fickle temperament possessed by stairs and escalators worldwide. 

So come on in and join the fun from the safety of your own home! Sit back and relax as you watch these disasters waiting to happen unfold before your very eyes. You’ll laugh, you’ll cringe, you’ll think twice before attempting to pilot that child’s play car down the steps the next time you’ve had a few beers. Upvote the fail you find the funniest! 

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    Casual Recovery = Winning

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    The Inflatable Stair Family Fail

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    Nothing to See Here

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    The Dance Diva's Disaster

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    The Only Kitty Who's Ever Fallen Up

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    Avoid Embarrassment by Bringing Someone Else Down with You