Total Nerd 14 Utterly Worthless Gaming Franchises Only Morons Keep Buying  

Robert Carnevale
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There comes a point where even the very best video game franchises need to be put out of their misery. Whether it be the publishers just not caring anymore, the developers not having any artistic integrity left, or any cruelly-corporate combination of the two, the fact of the matter is that every gaming franchise on this list is utterly and absolutely devoid of ingenuity or merit at this point. If it has reached this list, the franchise has gone on at least one installment too long for its own good.

That's not to say that these franchises are without merit. Some helped spawn entire genres, while others kept those same genres alive. Heck, two or three series on this list contain some of the best games of the past few generations - uncontested golden trophies of gaming accomplishment. Yet even the mighty will fall when developers and publishers get greedy and pump out titles for quick cash grabs. So, check out this list below and vote up the most worthless franchises that may have been amazing at one point, but are now just plain terrible. 

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Call Of Duty

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Photo:  Activision

Where does one even begin when discussing the living corpse of a franchise that is Call of Duty? Widely known as the most stale, casual shooter on the market, scores of tweens line up each holiday season to snag the next low-ambition sci-fi shooter from Activision that, once in a blue moon, remembers its historic roots and decides to be a World War shooter.

And yet, whether you're shooting Nazis or futuristic robots, the guns and physics all feel ridiculously cheap and weak. That's because Activision is putting different animal pelts on top of the same dead carcass every year, and the largely adolescent gaming market doesn't know any better than to gobble it up. Four-hour campaigns which are glorified hallway simulators and a multiplayer mode devoid of any room for actual skill have come to define this franchise. 

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Assassin's Creed

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While Assassin's Creed tried to be an original franchise for a little while, by the time the third installment wrapped, Ubisoft realized that risk-taking wasn't worth the hassle, so they cut out as many qualitative variables from the series as possible. Intricate, involved narratives that take risks and may or may not resonate with all audiences? Gone. Interesting protagonists with actual personalities? Bye. 

So what are you left with, when all risky aspects like these are swapped out for bland characters and copy-and-pasted side missions? A dull franchise, that's what. Ubisoft turned Assassin's Creed into an assembly line that pumps out similar, boring games simply set in different time periods. This trend looks to continue with AC Origins. What a shame. 

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Street Fighter

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Street Fighter 4 got four different editions over the course of its lifespan. That means Capcom sold you the same game with a few new fighters four separate times. Then they had the gall to follow up that fiasco with Street Fighter V, a game featuring half the content of the original SF4, with no story mode and broken online play.

All those crimes and still, Capcom makes just enough profit to stay afloat. Here's the reality, people: Capcom doesn't have the integrity or the money to produce quality Street Fighter titles anymore. So please, stop drip-feeding them and let Ryu find peace in a dignified death. 

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Watch Dogs

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The Watch Dogs franchise is the biggest, most shameful lie Ubisoft has ever told. Advertised back in 2012 as a cyberpunk renaissance for the gaming medium, Ubisoft promised state-of-the-art graphics and a revolutionary hacking mechanic. The reality? The first Watch Dogs was an ugly Grand Theft Auto clone. The only difference was that this game included a "press X to win" mechanic, where you could make the protagonist pull off one or two neat gimmicks with his smart phone from time to time by tapping a single button.

Watch Dogs 2, with all the time and money in the world to correct the wrongs and false promises of its predecessor, completely failed to do anything noteworthy and was just more of the same underwhelming garbage. And yet, both sold enough for Ubisoft to be happy. Maybe, just maybe, if gamers don't buy their garbage, Ubisoft will put some actual effort into their games. 

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