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The Best Stand-Up Bits About Gun Control

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When it comes to stand-up comedy, there is no topic off limits. Comedy is a great way to share viewpoints on a variety of different social and political issues. So obviously, there's plenty of stand-up comedy about gun control.

There have been bits about gun control in stand-up comedy for decades, as it is one of the most divisive issues in the United States. And comedians have a lot of material to work with. After all, there's a lot of ridiculous posturing and arguments from politicians and lobbyists on both sides of the issue. Gun control jokes are difficult to pull off, but the payoff is more than worth it. Watch these stand-up comics talking about gun control and vote up the jokes you think add some much-needed perspective to the issue.

  • Jim Jefferies Tells Gun Owners, 'Just Be Honest'
    Video: YouTube

    In Australian comedian Jim Jefferies's Netflix stand-up special, BARE, he performs a 15-minute-long bit deriding gun culture in the United States. In this clip, Jefferies argues the only valid pro-gun argument is "I like guns" - which is perfectly fine. He just wants gun owners to stop lying to us, and themselves, about why they want a weapon.

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  • Chris Rock Believes in Bullet Control
    Video: YouTube

    In his 1999 HBO special Bigger and Blacker, Chris Rock says he doesn't think guns should be illegal. He doesn't believe that gun control is the answer to violence, but what about bullet control?  Maybe we could reduce gun violence if bullet cost $5,000 each.

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  • George Carlin Can't Believe Real Guns Still Exist While Toy Ones Are Banned
    Video: YouTube

    In George Carlin's 1988 special What Am I Doing in New Jersey?, the comedy icon breaks down the double standards of American culture. While listing off all of the hypocrisies of American regulations, he hammers his point home by bringing up the irony of taking toy guns off the market but continuing to allow the sale of real ones.

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  • Robin Williams Wonders Why Hunters Need Armor-Piercing Bullets
    Video: YouTube

    In 1986's A Night at the Met, Robin Williams touched upon the overpowered nature of modern firearms. He speculates about what a fully armed American society would look like and how the violence could potentially escalate.

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