Who Will Win the 2022 NHL Stanley Cup?

Who will win the 2022 Stanley Cup? It's time to make your 2022 Stanley Cup predictions. The 2022 NHL season opened with the big question on the minds of millions of hockey fans: who will win the Stanley Cup? The big series will take place the last week of June 2022. What teams will reach the Stanley Cup Finals? What team will life the 2022 Stanley Cup?

Last year's Stanley Cup was one of the best series of all time when the Tampa Bay Lightning stymied the Montreal Canadiens in five games. Can fans expect a rematch this year? We will see. The Atlantic division favorite Florida Panthers might have something to say about it. As will the Carolina Hurricanes, who are high in current NHL power rankings. There's only one team that can take home the Cup, so it's up to you to decide what fanbase will be celebrating when all is said and done.

Vote up the teams most likely to win this year's Stanley Cup and help decide who will be the 2022 hockey champions.