The Worst Abuses of the Stanley Cup In Hockey History

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While the Stanley Cup has been called the most difficult trophy to win in all of sports, it's also the most fun to party with. Named after one-time Governor General of Canada, Lord Stanley of Preston, who donated the trophy as an award for Canada's best amateur ice hockey club, the Cup was first handed out in 1893. Since 1995, each player from the winning team has been granted one day during the off-season to spend with the 32-pound Cup doing anything they want.

It is revered, it is honored, and it even has its own full-time body guards who travel with it everywhere it goes. And we mean everywhere, from backwater Canadian dive bars to Finnish saunas. And if you know the checkered history of the Cup, you understand why it needs constant supervision. 

Here are just some of the indignities that have befallen this iconic trophy. But which one smeared its good name the worst?