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Star Trek Star Trek Beyond Movie Quotes  

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Star Trek Beyond movie quotes tell yet another story about the adventures in space of Captain Kirk and the Starship Enterprise. The science fiction action film was written by Simon Pegg and Doug Jung based on the Star Trek characters originally created by Gene Roddenberry. Directed by Justin Lin, Star Trek Beyond opened in theaters on July 22, 2016.

In Star Trek Beyond, Captain James T. Kirk (Chris Pine) leads his crew, including Commander Spock (Zachary Quinto), Doctor Leonard McCoy (Karl Urban), Lieutenant Nyota Uhura (Zoe Saldana), Lieutenant Commander Montgomery Scott (Simon Pegg), Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu (John Cho) and Ensign Pavel Chekov (Anton Yelchin) on a five-year journey through space. 

About halfway thought their trip, the Enterprise is destroyed by a powerful alien force. This leaves the crew scattered on a strange alien planet and Captain Kirk determined to find his team in an unfamiliar place. To make matters worse, the crew is threatened by enemy Krall (Idris Elba), who is determined to take down the Federation, and for good cause.

Star Trek Beyond was just one of several highly anticipated summer 2016 movies along with Swiss Army Man, Finding Dory, Central Intelligence and Genius.


What It Means to Be You

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Captain James T. Kirk: My dad joined Starfleet because he believed in it. I joined on a dare.
Doctor Leonard McCoy: You joined to see if you could live up to him. You spent all this time trying to be your day and now you're wondering what it means to be you.

As he and Dr. McCoy discuss, Captain Kirk joined Starfleet to be like his father. But now that he's the one making his career, Kirk isn't sure what he wants to accomplish for his own legacy. Considering the battle that he will soon face, it sounds like his make-it-or-break-it point is coming quick.

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My Last Report as the Captain of the Starship Enterprise

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Captain James T. Kirk: We were overwhelmed by something, something we'd never seen before. I know this isn't the last of my crew but this is my last report as the captain of the Starship Enterprise.

Captain Kirk explains that this battle is one that is unprecedented in the history of Starfleet. He knows this is his ultimate challenge and wants it to be his last.

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This is More Than a Rescue Mission

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Captain James T. Kirk: This is more than a rescue mission. This is my family. We are not leaving anyone behind.

In this mission, Captain Kirk is determined to find his missing crew. Failure is not an option here. He must succeed.

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Find Hope in the Impossible

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Commander Spock: We will find hope in the impossible.

Spock and the others know that their challenge is going to be incredibly difficult. But Spock urges them to find hope in the impossible and persevere.

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