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Small Details From The 'Star Trek' Movies That Fans Uncovered

If there's a fandom that has some of the most devoted and detail-oriented fans around, it's got to be either Star Wars or Star Trek. After all, there are plenty of memes out there about which franchise is better, but any way you look at it, they both have intensely devoted fans. For Star Trek, the fans were partially responsible for bringing the franchise back from the dead, so they've certainly played a part in Star Trek almost as important as the creative people behind it.

Many of those fans pay close attention to whatever happens on screen, and the more eagle-eyed among them have often taken to the MovieDetails subreddit to share their findings. The most interesting of those findings are listed below.

Check out these small but clever details from the Star Trek movies that fans noticed, and if you see something you didn't already know, be sure to give it an upvote to see which one rises to the top!

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    Spock's Gift To Kirk Is Related To The End Of 'Wrath Of Khan'

    While Spock's present to his Admiral may have been nice, it was also prognosticative of what would happen later in the film, according to Redditor u/hairhair2015:

    In The Wrath of Khan (1982), Spock gives Kirk A Tale of Two Cities for his Birthday. The book concludes with Sydney Carton sacrificing his life to save those he loves, just as Spock does to save Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise at the end of the film.

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    The Project Genesis Video Was A Big Deal In 1982

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    Though it appears antiquated by modern standards, the Project Genesis video was a big deal in 1982. According to Redditor u/dartmaster666, it checked off a lot of "firsts" boxes:

    Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Kahn (1982) includes the first realistic fractal-generated landscape, advanced particle computer animation, first CGI fire and first motion blur with the Genesis Effect presentation. It was created at ILM on a visual computer called - the Pixar.

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    Kirk's Story In 'Wrath Of Khan' Was Linked To The Action In 'Star Trek'

    According to Redditor u/RhinoBarbarian, there's a reason Kirk was eating an apple while taking the Kobayashi Maru:

    In Star Trek: Wrath of Khan (1982), when Kirk reveals how he beat the Kobayashi Maru test, he is eating an apple. In Star Trek (2009) Kirk is shown eating an apple while taking said test.

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    The Millennium Falcon Made An Appearance In 'First Contact'

    In another Star Trek/Star Wars cameo, Redditor u/CaptainBroverdose revealed that Han Solo's famous ship appeared in First Contact:

    In the opening battle scene from Star Trek: First Contact (1996), ILM Visual Effects Supervisor John Knoll inserted a small digital model of the Millennium Falcon into the battle as an in-joke, which can be seen fleetingly flying near the Borg cube.

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