The Most Beautiful Women to Appear on Star Trek

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Any attractive female character from Star Trek, TOS, TNG, DS9, Voyager, Enterprise, or any of the feature films.

While Star Trek certainly prides itself in its morality plays, technological concepts, cosmic set pieces, and being a civil rights pioneer, the behind the scenes stories about the way production cast its women are legendary. From the very beginning, one of Gene Roddenberry's conventions was to use his platform to have smoking hot women on the set as guest stars, principal characters, or extras gratuitously strewn about in the backgound. When defending the addition of Seven of Nine to Voyager, Brannon Braga, a long time writer and producer of Star Trek once said: "Have you actually watched the original series? That was babes on parade.." Here is a list of many of the women who wore catsuits, backless costumes, ultra mini skirts, or were just painted green.

Check out these sexy Star Trek girls now! Which Star Trek girl do you think is the hottest?

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    Seven of Nine
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    'Jeri Ryan'
    • Series: Star Trek: Voyager
    • Actor: Jeri Ryan
    • Occupation: Astrometrics Officer
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    Carol Marcus

    Carol Marcus
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    'Alice Eve'
    • Series: Star Trek Into Darkness
    • Actor: Alice Eve
    • Occupation: Science Officer
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    'Jolene Blalock'
    • Series: Star Trek: Enterprise
    • Actor: Jolene Blalock
    • Occupation: Science Officer
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    Jadzia Dax
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    'Terry Farrell'
    • Series: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
    • Actor: Terry Farrell
    • Occupation: Scientist
    14,614 votes
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    'Famke Janssen'
    • Series: Star Trek: The Next Generation
    • Actor: Famke Janssen
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    Tonia Barrows

    Tonia Barrows
    Photo: user uploaded image
    'Emily Banks'
    • Series: Star Trek: TOS
    • Actor: Emily Banks
    • Occupation: Yeoman
    • Episode: Shore Leave
    12,167 votes