Actors Who Pulled Double Duty In The 'Star Wars' Universe

Since the first Star Wars film aired in 1977, it has delivered a galaxy's worth of entertaining characters. While many of the main characters like Luke, Han, Rey, and Yoda are perhaps the most recognizable, they aren't the only ones with clout that fans remember and love. Prominent characters can also be found in the animated series, live-action shows, and one-off, story-building films.

While there are many people involved with bringing these characters to light, not every character is portrayed by a new actor. In fact, some of our most beloved characters are voiced or acted by someone who finds themselves on the other side of the Force. Some of these actors even play two different roles in the same movie. Check out the actors who pulled double duty to portray multiple characters throughout the Star Wars Universe. 

  • Mark Hamill has portrayed Luke Skywalker since the first film premiered in 1977. His face as the young Jedi is almost as ubiquitous as the Star Wars series itself. But is his voice as recognizable?

    Even if it were, the production team for the animated TV show The Clone Wars masked it pretty well with voice altering technology in his portrayal of Darth Bane. Hamill even received an Emmy nomination for his voice work as the sith lord.

  • Boba Fett didn't have quite as long a run in the Star Wars series as many believe he deserved, but he's a beloved character nonetheless. Long after his work in the original trilogy, Jeremy Bulloch came back for a cameo in Episode III: Revenge of the Sith as a pilot serving the Royal House of Alderaan, Captain Jeremoch Colton.

    Colton was flying the Sundered Heart at the end of the Clone Wars when the Jedi had realized their clone army has turned against them. 

  • Warwick Davis first joined the Star Wars universe before he was even in his teens, appearing in costume as Wicket W. Warick, the starring Ewok of Return of the Jedi. Years later, George Lucas asked Davis to return to a galaxy far, far away to play two separate roles in the same movie, Episode I: The Phantom Menace.

    Unrecognizably, Davis portrays Anakin Skywalker's little green friend, Wald. He's one of the friends there when Anakin gets the podracer up and running. The other role Davis plays in the film is that of Watto's pal Weazel at the Boonta Eve Classic podrace. In one role he's rooting for Anakin, and in the other he's rooting against him.

  • While Sam Witwer is not the original voice or body actor for Darth Maul in the prequel trilogy, he was the man behind the voice in Solo: A Star Wars Story. He also voices the sith lord in the animated series The Clone Wars and Rebels.

    Witwer also hops to the good side in the TV series Star Wars Resistance as New Republic pilot Hugh Sion

  • The golden protocol droid C-3PO has always been played by the same actor, Anthony Daniels. C-3PO isn't an anamatronic; Daniels stands in the suit and does all of the physical movement and the voice for the droid.

    However, Daniels took off the suit to play another, quite different character in Solo: A Star Wars Story. The actor appears as Tak, a former con artist who runs into Chewbacca in the Kessel mine. His appearance in Solo is short, but it means that Daniels has appeared in every Star Wars movie to date

  • Similar to C-3PO, an actual person is responsible for the movements of R2-D2. Kenny Baker has been behind the loveable, problem-solving droid since A New Hope premiered in '77. He also played an Ewok of Endor in Episode VI: Return of the Jedi.

    Rather than being in the background, Baker's Paploo is the Ewok that steals a stormtrooper's speeder bike as a distraction for Han Solo and his team.